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Research on Catalytic Combustion of Chloromethane Over Molecular Sieve Supported Transition Metal Catalysts

Author: ZhangBo
Tutor: ZhangRunZuo
School: Beijing University of Chemical Technology
Course: Chemical Engineering and Technology
Keywords: molecular sieve transition metal catalytic combustion CVOCs chloromethane molar ratio of SiO2to Al2O3
CLC: O643.36
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Volatile organic compounds severely do harm to the environment and human health. Among VOCs, chlorinated volatile organic compounds, which are more poisonous and inert, are liable to poison and deactivate the catalysts and therefore it is highly necessary to develop effective catalysts to purify them. Catalytic combustion has become an effective method to remove CVOCs for its high extent of oxidation of the pollutants, low energy consumption and great efficiency.In this paper, a series of molecular sieve supported catalysts was prepared via incipient wetness impregnation method with transition metal oxides as active components. And catalytic performance of the prepared catalysts was investigated with CH3C1chosen as a probe of CVOCs. XRD, BET, TEM, H2-TPR, NH3-TPD and XPS were employed to study the characteristics of the catalysts, which were associated with the catalytic activities together with the yields of the products.Among the mesoporous SBA-16supported transition metal catalysts, Fe/SBA-16showed the best activity with high dispersion of Fe species, and yet its yield of CO is high. The catalytic performance of five H-type zeolites was tested and H-ZSM-5was verified to be the most satisfactory catalyst. Moreover, Fe/ZSM-5displayed the best performance among the zeolite supported Fe catalysts with lower yield of CO, which proved the advantage of H-ZSM-5as a catalyst support. H-ZSM-5with low molar ratio of SiO2to Al2O3was found to be the most effective catalyst support in the investigation of catalytic performance of SiO2, SBA-16and H-ZSM-5with different molar ratio of SiO2to Al2O3. In the study of H-ZSM-5(SiO2/Al2O3=30,107) supported transition metal catalysts, it was found that the optimal performance was achieved in the case of Co/ZSM-5-107, showing high activity and significantly low yield of CO. Also, the interaction between catalyst acidity and redox property of active component, together with their influence on the catalytic performance, was systematically discussed.

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