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Study of the Growth and Performance of Holmium-doped BaY2F8Crystals

Author: LiQinLin
Tutor: JiangXiaoGuang
School: Changchun University of Science and Technology
Course: Materials Engineering
Keywords: 3~5μm laser Coprecipitation method Czochralski method Ho:BaY2F8crystal
CLC: O781
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2014
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Holmium-doped yttrium barium fluoride laser crystal (MF:Ho:BaY2F8, referred Ho:BYF) is a potential mid-infrared laser crystal materials, through889nm titanium sapphire laser pumped laser can emit3.9βm.3-5βm band laser has a strong penetrating power, small gas molecules absorption and scattering ratio of suspended solids, water and other hydrocarbon molecules having a large absorption of toxic molecules, etc. It has been widely used in military combat, medical surgery, toxic gas detection and other areas.In this paper, Ho:BaY2F8polycrystalline materials were synthesized by co-precipitation method. Single crystals of BaY2F8heavily doped with Ho3+ion (10%and30%) were grown by the medium-frequency induction Czochralski method. The prepared NCs powders were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), TG-DSC, FI-IR, SEM, etc. The physical and optical properties of Single crystals were characterized by X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, thermal and mechanical properties tester, spectrophotometer, fluorescence spectroscopy, etc.The results indicate that above550℃after sintering, Ho:BYF powder was synthesized by co precipitation of cubic phase transferred to the monoclinic; Different doping concentration Ho:BYF lattice parameter changes, as the doping concentration the increase in unit cell volume is reduced. Scanning electron microscopy analysis indicated that sintering treatment at650℃for2h,the sample showed partial melting, uniform particle size, particle distribution uniform conducive fluoride sintered polycrystalline material. Thermo-mechanical performance analysis shows, a crystal axis direction with minimal expansion coefficient, absorption spectra indicates that the crystal has a strong absorption peak at889nm, The four Ho3+absorption bands corresponding to the5I8→5I4,5I5,5I6, and5I7transitions exhibit increasing band intensity on going from short wavelength to long wavelength. Ho:BYF crystals were pumped889nm titanium sapphire laser, emitting3.9βm wavelength fluorescence.

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