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The Antistatic Modification Research and Application of Polypropylene Film

Author: TianShuYa
Tutor: WangJiaJun
School: Zhejiang University of Technology
Course: Industry Technology and Engineering
Keywords: polypropylene dielectric barrier discharge plasma graft polymerization surface modification chitosan antistatic performance
CLC: TQ320.721
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2014
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As one kind of general plastic, polypropylene has good mechanical properties, heatresistance, excellent comprehensive performance, easy processing,and is rich with raw material,cheap, non-toxic and easy recycling. So it is widely used. Because of its high resistivity, theelectrostatic charge is always easy to accumulate, which results in electrostatic hazard and cancause great economic losses to the daily manufacture and life. In order to make thepolypropylene film permanent antistatic performance, this paper used chitosan to modify thesurface of polypropylene film. This paper mainly studied on these aspects as follows:Firstly, the reactive functional groups were introduced to the inert surface of polypropyleneby plasma graft polymerization of acrylic acid. Atmospheric pressure dielectric barrier discharge(DBD) plasma technology was used in the pretreatment technology of thin film for gettingperoxide groups. Researches from these three factors respectively the voltage, time and gas flowvelocity were done during the plasma processing. The Optimized technological parameters forthe plasma processing were100V,60s and1.5L/min, at which the better peroxide groups on thefilm surface could be got.Then, putting the plasma pretreatment PP film into the grafting solution with acrylic acidmonomer to make PP graft acrylic acid. The influence of graft solution concentration andreaction time were studied. The structure and properties of the polypropylene film graftingacrylic acid were characterized by ATR-FTIR, field emission scanning electron microscopy(FESEM) and contact angle measurement instrument. The results show that the uniformmodified surface with a high graft can be obtained when the solution concentration is50%andthe reaction time is90min,Finally, different mass fraction of chitosan solution reacted with grafted polypropylene, andthe half-life of the chitosan/PP film was tested to value the antistatic performance. Although itcan greatly decrease the half-life of chitosan/PP film while the chitosan percent is0.9%, the antistatic effect is not so good. When the percent come to0.9%, the film has a half-life of50s,which means the modified polypropylene film owns antistatic performance. With the increase ofpercent of chitosan, the contribution to the discrease of half-life will not be obviously. In additionto, the antistatic performance persistence of the modified film with ultrasonic cleaning wasresearched. Results show that the half-life values of the film did’t increase significantly afterultrasonic cleaning, and permanent antistatic performance could be obtained.

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