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Study on the Flame Retardant POM Composites

Author: ZhangMeiLing
Tutor: QuMinJie
School: Dalian University of Technology
Course: Materials Science
Keywords: polyoxymethylene flame retardant toughening compatibilizer
CLC: TQ326.51
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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In this paper, a novel technology, flame retardant composites were prepared withcompound TPU/APP、TPU/MP and TPU/MCA/MPOP, Based on it, POM with efficientflame retardancy and good comprehensive properties were successfully prepared, and theflame retarding mechanism was studied systematically.The main outcomes were obtained asfollows:By compounding TPU/CaCO3with POM, the influence of ratio and content of TPU/CaCO3on the mechanical properties and crystallization of POM/TPU/CaCO3composties wasinvestigated. The major factor of toughening was the TPU/CaCO3dispersion in matrix and theinterfacial adhesion. A better toughening effect was observed when the dispersion of particleswas homogenous and the adhesion between filler and matrix was strong.Flame retardant POM composites were prepared by using TPU as carrier to introduceAPP/ME into POM matrix. The effect of APP/ME/TPU ratio、content and processingmethods on properties of flame retardant POM composites was studied. The results showedthat when40phr of flame retardant composites were added to100phr of POM, the impactstrength of the flame retardant POM composite was4.84KJ/m2, the oxygen index of the flameretardant POM composite would come up to27%. Based on it, The effect of compoundingTPU/CaCO3and compatibilizer on properties of flame retardant POM composite wasinvestigated. The influence of compatibilizer on mechanical properties was better thancompounding TPU/CaCO3.Flame retardant POM composites were prepared by using TPU as carrier to introduce MP,ME and EPR into POM matrix. The effect of MP/ME/EPR/TPU ratio、content onproperties of flame retardant POM composite was studied.Based on it, The effect of differenttypes of compatibilizer and content on properties of flame retardant POM composite wasinvestigated. The flame retarding mechanism of flame retardant POM composite wasinvestigated by TGA analysis. The rheological properties of flame retardant POM compositewas characterized by the capillary rheometer.The results showed that: when40phr of flameretardant composites and1phr of compatibilizer POU were added to100phr of POM, The oxygen index of the flame retardant POM composite was25.4%. The impact strength was5.73KJ/m2and the flexural strength was141.5MPa。Flame retardants could make the aheadof the accession of POM decomposition temperature and increase the amount of residualcarbon by means of TGA.Flame retardant POM composites were prepared by using TPU as carrier to introduceMCA or MCA/MPOP into POM matrix, and even dispersion of MCA and MPOP in polymermatrix was obtained. The prepared flame retardant POM composite possesses goodmechanical properties and flame retardancy. The flame retarding mechanism of MCA onPOM was that formaldehyde and formate acid were absorbed by ME resulting from MCA andtemperature of burning materials was reduced because MCA sublimation absorbed heat.

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