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  1. Study of Localization Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network,WuYanHong/Sichuan University,0/74
  2. Research on Aerosol Particle Moving and Heat/Mass Transferring under Temperature Gradients,ChenZhiLiang/Sichuan University,0/38
  3. Distinction of Illegality: Research on Consciousness of Illegality,HuoZiShi/Sichuan University,0/88
  4. Infrastructure and Regional Economy Development,JuQingJiang/Sichuan University,7/1965
  5. Modern Insurance and Regional Economy Development,ZhangKe/Sichuan University,1/1055
  6. The Economic Analysis on Innovation of the Low-Rent Housing Institution in China,LiuYing/Sichuan University,20/2299
  7. The Research of the Support on China Small and Medium Sized Enterprise by the International Finance Corporation,Qiu/Sichuan University,0/780
  8. On Institutional Reform of Rural Credit Cooperatives in China,HeYong/Sichuan University,3/929
  9. The French Version of Wen Xin Diao Long and the Research,ChenShuYu/Sichuan University,0/507
  10. Synthesis of Phosphorus-containing Bicyclic Caged Flame Retardants and Their Application in Intumescent Flame Retardant Polypropylene Systems,PengHuaQiao/Sichuan University,6/919
  11. Factor inputs, total factor productivity and economic growth in China 's power,XiongJun/Sichuan University,5/2030
  12. Analysis and Research for Developing Circular Economy in China’s Underdeveloped Areas,MaJiang/Sichuan University,5/1257
  13. Research on Urban Public Utility Enterprises from Investment Vision,TangXiaoDong/Sichuan University,0/404
  14. On the Fostering of County Economic Growth Points in the Western Region,LuoZhongPing/Sichuan University,3/1563
  15. On the Growth of Industral Cluster and the Development of China West,CaoBangYing/Sichuan University,9/1211
  16. Studies on Management of Science-Technology Value Chain Innovation of Agricultural Enterprises,HuangGang/Sichuan University,3/861
  17. Dynamic Adaptability Evolution Mechanism and Control of the Core Competence of Corporation,ZhangZuo/Sichuan University,8/880
  18. The Research of Development of Information Industry in West China,YangFengRui/Sichuan University,3/737
  19. Flaubert and Modern Thoughts,WangQinFeng/Sichuan University,2/534
  20. English Writing on India,YinXiNan/Sichuan University,2/740
  21. Research on Zhang-Yue: A Famous Literati & Statesman at the Turn of Early to High Tang Dynasty,ZhouZuo/Sichuan University,4/571
  22. The Main Preface of Mao Poetry: A Study of Cotemporary Chinese Literary Theories,RenZhen/Sichuan University,0/568
  23. The Study of Modern Chinese Homophones,SunQiang/Sichuan University,3/740
  24. The Study of Taboo in Bamboo Slip and Cloth Piece,WangGuangHua/Sichuan University,3/595
  25. A Research on Innovation of China’s Patterns of Poverty-Relief,GongXiaoKuan/Sichuan University,10/1888
  26. Student Loans: A Study of Its Operational Mechanism and Credit Risk Management,ChenCanPing/Sichuan University,5/1130
  27. Study on the Allocation of Control Authority,ZuoZuo/Sichuan University,1/837
  28. The Technical Support System of China’s Recycling Economy,ShenJinSheng/Sichuan University,6/1424
  29. Some Arithmetic Problems in Finite Fields,CaoZuo/Sichuan University,1/278
  30. Preliminary Study on Social Behavior Factors of TB Patients and Genotyping of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis,ChenJian/Sichuan University,0/400
  31. Study on Hospital Governance Models: A Perspective of Three-dimension,ChenDanZuo/Sichuan University,1/694
  32. A Study on the Publication Industry during the Period When Kuomintang Was in the Saddle,ZhangZhong/Sichuan University,4/445
  33. The late Qing Dynasty lottery on,LiuLi/Sichuan University,2/376
  34. A Study of Urban Societies in Renaissance Italy,LiuYaoChun/Sichuan University,3/1316
  35. Study on the Common Behavioral SemanticFields in ShiSonglv (十诵律),JiaoZuoMei/Sichuan University,3/296
  36. Colonization Alienation and Literary Evolution,WangJinSong/Sichuan University,1/988
  37. Study on Historical Conception in the History Works of Chinese New Literature from 1950s to 1980s,HuXiDong/Sichuan University,1/466
  38. Literary Canonization within Modern Perspectives,WangZuo/Sichuan University,2/668
  39. On Citizen Consciousness in the Ideological Evolution during the First Ten Years of the 20~(th) Century,KeJiMing/Sichuan University,0/542
  40. The Ethnic Merchant along the Silk Road from the Wei to the Tang Dynasty,LiRuiZhe/Sichuan University,1/1316
  41. The Systematic Learning about the Spring and Autumn Annals and the Culture Type in Song Dynasty,LiJianJun/Sichuan University,5/852
  42. The Study of Liu Chenweng,JiaoYinTing/Sichuan University,2/555
  43. Research of Special Subjects on Study of Poetry in Song Dynasty,LiDongMei/Sichuan University,7/794
  44. On Cultural Productivity in Regional Economic Development,HePin/Sichuan University,4/2200
  45. Study on Aesthetic Characteristics of TV Advertising in Consumption Age,TangYing/Sichuan University,8/2655
  46. Lexicalization of Disyllabic Phrases,LiuXiaoRan/Sichuan University,5/1014
  47. A Study on the New Elements of Behavioral Words in Shangqing Scriptures of Taoism Shangqing Sect from Eastern Jin Dynasty to Southern Dynast,ZhouZuoMing/Sichuan University,0/284
  48. A Study on Declarative Sentence of Mediaeval Chinese,JieZhiYong/Sichuan University,4/747
  49. The Study of the Military Terminologies of the Bamboo Slips Excavated from Ancient Tombs of Han Dynasty in Yinque Mountain (One),LiuXiaoWen/Sichuan University,2/257
  50. Study on the Formation and Development of Chinese Dress Classifiers,GaoJia/Sichuan University,5/442

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