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Study on the Effect of Cholesterol Reducing Lactobacillus Plantarum M1-UVs29in Vitro

Author: LiaoYuXin
Tutor: YuChangQing
School: Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural University
Course: Of Food Science
Keywords: Lactobacillus cholesterol assimilation coprecipitation
CLC: R151.3
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2014
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Human serum cholesterol content is too high to induce cardio cerebral vascular diseases.Cardiovascular disease is one of the major threats to human health, and due to the number ofdeaths showed a rising trend in recent years. Therefore, by reducing the risk of cardiovascularand cerebrovascular diseases so as to reduce the content of serum cholesterol in the human body,the protection of human health is one of the hot research at home and abroad in recent years.After a lot of tests show that, lactic acid bacteria can effectively reduce the cholesterol content ofthe medium, the role in animal and human serum has also been confirmed in the. The topicschosen has screened Lactobacillus plantarum M1-UVs29as the test strain, the cholesterollowering effects, the results obtained are as follows:1. on the basis of single factor experiment, explored the medium conditions of cholesterollowering of Lactobacillus plantarum M1-UVs29response surface optimization, namely throughthe optimization of the Box-Behnken model, the optimal cholesterol degradation thatLactobacillus plantarum M1-UVs29cholesterol lowering rate: the cholesterol content is300μg/mL, ox bile salt concentration0.3%, inoculation amount3%, cholesterol degradation rate canreach44.62%under the condition of actual.2. Analysis of Lactobacillus plantarum M1-UVs29assimilation and co precipitation, strainM1-UVs29can assimilate more cholesterol (content of40.94μ g/mL), also showed to becombined with sodium glycocholate or taurocholate, thereby releasing acid capacity, and coprecipitation with cholesterol, when pH5~7, the maximum co precipitation of cholesterol was6.42μg/mL, the Lactobacillus plantarum M1-UVs29cholesterol assimilation and coprecipitationcoexist, but mainly by assimilation.3. Strain M1-UVs29surface hydrophobicity using carbon hydroxyl compound adhesivemethod, the use of organic solvents for sixteen alkanes, were cultured for24h, measured thehydrophobic cell surface was48.84%; Lactobacillus plantarum M1-UVs29cell growth, itseffects on cholesterol degradation rate was41.64%; by ultrasonic treatment, culture mediumsupplemented with cholesterol without adding cholesterol medium, strain M1-UVs29resistant tostrong by ultrasonic, the survival rate was79.42%, mainly bacteria assimilating cholesterol;fluorescence quantitative measured cholesterol added medium, strain M1-UVs29permeabilityratio is18.43%, the degradation rate of cholesterol was31.12%.That there is some relationshipbetween the characteristics and cholesterol degrading ability of Lactobacillus plantarumM1-UVs29.

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