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The Studies on Effect of Enzyme on Chrominance of Fermented Dough and Steamed Bread

Author: ZhangFangFang
Tutor: WangChun
School: Henan University of Technology
Course: Food Oils and Vegetable Protein Engineering
Keywords: steamed bread chrominance enzyme dough quality yellow pigment
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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This article researches on the influence of Lipopan S(Lipopan S BG)、Lipopan F(LipopanF BG)、Pentopan Mono(Pentopan Mono BG)、Fungamyl(Fungamyl Fl2500SG) andGluzyme (Gluzyme Mono10000SG) to the chrominance value L*and b*of fermenteddough and steamed bread, and studied the relationships between the L*of steamed bread andfermented dough characteristics and steamed bread quality indexes.Lipopan S、Lipopan F、Pentopan、Fungamyl and Gluzyme have certain enhanced effecton the L*of fermented dough. The influence of Lipopan S and Lipopan F on the L*offermented dough reached significant level, their optimum addition were14mg/kg and70mg/kg. Followed that were Pentopan、Fungamyl and Gluzyme, their the optimum additionwere35mg/kg、14mg/kg and14mg/kg.Lipopan S、Lipopan F and Gluzyme improved the resistance and decreased the stickinessof fermented dough. Pentopan and Fungamyl improved the ductibility、reducing sugar contentand free water content.Lipopan S、Lipopan F、Pentopan、Fungamyl and Gluzyme have certain enhanced effecton the L*of steamed bread, and certain rduce effect on the b*. The influence of Lipopan Sand Lipopan F on the L*and b*of steamed bread reached significant level. Pentopan andFungamyl improved specific volume、internal structure uniformity、hardness and sense scoresof steamed bread. Gluzyme without significantly effect on the specific volume、internalstructure uniformity and hardness of steamed bread. Comparing the other qualities of steamedbread, the optimum addition were Lipopan S12mg/kg、Lipopan F50mg/kg、Pentopan30mg/kg、Fungamyl12mg/kg and Gluzyme10mg/kg.In the aspect of the correlation analysis, it is found that Lipopan S、Lipopan F andGluzyme can improved the resistance and decreased the stickiness of fermented dough toimprove internal structure uniformity and Specific volume of steamed bread and thenimproved steamed bread chrominance L*; Pentopan and Fungamyl can improve theductibility、reducing sugar content and free water content to improve steamed bread internalstructure uniformity and Specific volume and then improved steamed bread chrominance L*.Lipopan S and Lipopan F can reduce flour yellow pigment content. Adding14mg/kgLipopan S and70mg/kg Lipopan F into dough, flour yellow pigment content were1.6013mg/kg and1.7707mg/kg. The infrared spectral figure of Yellow pigment showd that the ratio between the sum ofketone carbonyl、ester carbonyl、lactone and methylene reflected an upward trend with theincreasing of Lipopan S and Lipopan F. Lipopan S and Lipopan F promoted the degradationof the yellow pigment, producing ketones, esters and esters.

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