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Research on the Impact of Cooking Methods for the Nutrition Quality and Characteirstic in Sea Cucumber

Author: YaoHongHong
Tutor: ShenJingYu
School: Yantai University
Course: Food processing and security
Keywords: sea cucumber heavy soup low temperature cooking biopsy texture
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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With the development of economy, and the improvement of consumption level,more and more people begin to realize the importance of health.Sea cucumber as a tonicgo to ordinary people’s family from a richers’ table gradually,at the same time how tocook sea cucumber with the good taste and high nutrients become the hotest topic amongall the people.Nowadays cooking with ancient ways are popular in variousindustries.Meanwhile,catering industry is sufferring the baptism of restoring ancientways and the innovation, as well as the impaction of the traditional culture and the fastfood culture.Heavy soup cooking in China has a long history, which belongs to the extent oflow-temperature cooking.This method separate food from source of heat, useingtransmission to heat food.Low-temperature cooking technology is a new kind of cookingconcept, originated in1974in which France samsung chef Pierre Troisgros cookinggoose liver and he successfully controlled the cooking loss of weight and water, not onlykeep the original food itself also makes goose liver have good tender degrees.Nowlow-temperature cooking technology has become the mainstream of the fancy restaurantto cook meat and fish.This research firstly contrast the traditional cooking style and okur cooking way onthe shape of sea cucumbers, nutrient composition, the character of texture and structurecharacteristics, results show that the appearance of heavy soup sea cucumber fulfillspecification of NY/T1514-2007: the overall color is homogeneous, the surface is moist,shiny, and the thorns are neat and thick, no "change skin" phenomenon, plumpness isbest; cooking nutrition loss is between atmospheric pressure and high pressure cooking,the collagen fiber is thick in structure, gap is big, and still keep the original state of fiber,texture data is suitable and meet the sensory requirements of sea cucumber: moderatehardness, brittle, both elastic and not like rubber strength, easy to swallow. Secondly,with using the response surface Design Expert to optimization design, theprocess conditions of low-temperature cooking vacuum packaging sea cucumber isimproved. In the single factor experiments, chewiness and collagen proteinconcentrations in sea cucumber are both presented the parabolic tend of first increaseand then drop with the increase of cooking temperature and time,the general range is:temperature:55~85℃, time:30~60min, and then make it be a basis for design ofexperiments. In the response surface experiments do response value with sea cucumberchewiness, collagen content and sensory score, based on the highset date as theinspection requirement, establish the optimum parameters of low-temperature cookingvacuum packaging of sea cucumber: cooking temperature70℃, time60min.Under themethord the sea cucumber has best chewiness, collagen,and highest sensory evaluationscore.Finally, contrast the sea cucumber under the optimize process and high temperaturehigh pressure cooking process in the following five aspects: exterior morphology,primary nutrients, sensory evaluation and quality and structure, security and the shelf life,concluded that low temperature cooking sea cucumber with less juice and transparent,glittering and translucent, luster, appearance is full, thorns are tidy,thick and sharp; lessnutrition loss, in which the collagen protein and polysaccharide content compared withfresh sea cucumber was reduced by0.50%and2.44%respectively, and significantlyhigher than the5.50%and5.87%of the high temperature and high pressure; Sensoryevaluation and texture, low temperature cooking sea cucumber with moderate hardness,crisp and smooth and has a certain flexibility and chewiness, and sea cucumber hardnessof high temperature and high pressure slants a little, low elasticity, texture soft,chewiness smaller; cooking in low temperature vacuum packing sea cucumber ownshigh goods value: the security completely meet the requirements of liquid microbialready-to-eat sea cucumber in our country agriculture industry standards NY/T1514-1514, and can be stored at4℃environment50days, suitable for industrialproduction.

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