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Study on Maneuvering Penetration, Guidance and Control Problems for Ballistic Missile

Author: WeiPengZuo
Tutor: JingWuXing
School: Harbin Institute of Technology
Course: Aircraft design
Keywords: Ballistic missile Maneuver penetration Moving mass control Flight control Impact angel constrained
CLC: TJ765
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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The actuator modes, guidance and control problems in the maneuverpenetration process are developed for ballistic missile in this thesis. Thetechnologies provide new ideas for precision attack and maneuver penetration ofballistic missile. But there are still many problems needed to be solved inpractice. This thesis focuses on some of these problems.First of all, aim at the problem about the confrontation relation ofmaneuvering overloads for interceptor and ballistic missile in free flight, thelinearized motion model of attack-defense confrontation is developed based onthe theory of linear quadratic differential game. The relationship is studiedbetween the required minimum overload of interceptor and the maneuveringoverload of penetrator, which is in the situation that the interceptor cansuccessfully intercept the penetrator in the ideal case. The analytical forms of thecondition which the ratio of confrontation overloads should satisfy for theinterceptor implementing the perfect intercept are derived.Secondly, in order to solve the problems of the rudder ablation for ballisticmissile in the reentry maneuver, the moving mass is used as the control actuator.The configuration of the moving mass in the vehicle is focused on in this thesis.A single moving mass control mode, which consists of the rotation of rail aroundthe longitudinal body-axis and the translation of the moving mass along the rail,is presented. The8-DOF dynamic model is established and the couplingcharacteristics between the attitude control and the servo loop control areanalyzed in this paper. The further simulation and analysis are presented tocompare with the double moving mass layout style. The single moving masscontrol style has a better control ability and a less effects on the roll channel.Then, the attitude tracking control law for pitch and yaw channels isdesigned by using sliding mode theory based on the dynamics model of the newcontrol mode. The design of stability control system for roll channel is focusedon in this thesis, because the rotation of internal rail movement has a greatimpact on the roll channel. The roll channel control system is designed by usingLQR controller. The external disturbances and parameter uncertainties are treated as a composite disturbance and the extended state observer is used to estimate thestates of system and the composite disturbance based on an integrated manner.Then, the estimated disturbance and the estimated states are used in the LQRcontroller to make autopilots robust. The proposed design is robust to thedisturbances caused by the moving mass lateral movement and the asymmetricablation of warhead, parameter uncertainties, unmodeled dynamics such as theflexibility effects and sensor dynamics.Last but not least in order to ensure that the ballistic missile can hit thetarget from various directions, the three-dimensional reentry guidance law withinpact angle and impact point constrained is designed based on the modelpredictive static programming (MPSP) technology proposed recently. The MPSPguidance law has the ability to carry out rapid trajectory optimization online,works for a wider selection of initial conditions for the missile as well as thetarget, and has a wide capture region. In addition, the proposed guidance law isquite effective for all classes of ground targets, whether they are stationary,moving or maneuvering.

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