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  1. Microscopic Phase-Field Simulation Coupled with Strain Energy for the Precipitation Process of Nickle Base Alloys,LuYanLi/Northwestern Polytechnical University,1/268
  2. Research on Intelligent Fault Diagnosis Techniques for Radar System,LuoZhiYong/Northwestern Polytechnical University,7/857
  3. Study on Digital Image Pre-processing and Fusion Methods,LiWeiHua/Northwestern Polytechnical University,11/1266
  4. SAW inertia device sensing technique and research,LiuJunYue/Northwestern Polytechnical University,1/395
  5. Rapid Solidification and Special Coating of Highly Undercooled DD3 Superalloy,LiuFeng/Northwestern Polytechnical University,1/361
  6. Study on Two Stochastic Dynamical Systems and Their Applications in Economic System,LiZuoRui/Northwestern Polytechnical University,1/428
  7. Research on Integrated Modeling Techniques for Supply Chain Management System and Its Relization,ZuoChongJun/Northwestern Polytechnical University,2/881
  8. Research on Automatic Target Detection for Hyperspectral Imagery,HeLin/Northwestern Polytechnical University,12/1087
  9. Based on the IPv6 environment, network security testing Phishing defense research,ZhangBo/Northwestern Polytechnical University,0/732
  10. Studies on Adaptive Video Quality Control Based on IP Network,ZhaoMin/Northwestern Polytechnical University,2/307
  11. Microstructural Evolving and Failure Mechanism of 3D C/SiC in Environment Simulating Hot-Section Component Service in Aero-Engine,LiJianZhang/Northwestern Polytechnical University,1/588
  12. Research on Job Shop Scheduling Based on Immune Principle,YuJianJun/Northwestern Polytechnical University,0/468
  13. Low-temperature Co-firing Compatibility of ZnO-TiO2 System Dielectrics/NiZnCu Ferrite Multilayer Composite,LiuXiangChun/Northwestern Polytechnical University,2/463
  14. Investigation of the Vibration Localization Problem of the Mistuned Bladed Disk with Complicated Coupling,WangHongJian/Northwestern Polytechnical University,8/368
  15. Themochemical Environmental Behaviors of 3D SiC/SiC Composite,WuShouJun/Northwestern Polytechnical University,2/535
  16. Optimal Allocation of corporate human resources based on investment income,ZhangXing/Northwestern Polytechnical University,4/1220
  17. Face Detection and Recognition Across Illumination,JiangXiaoYue/Northwestern Polytechnical University,5/1170
  18. Study of High-Resolution ∑△ Analog to Digital Converter,ChenLei/Northwestern Polytechnical University,4/1253
  19. The Finite Element Analysis of BOR’s Electromagnetic Scattering Problem,ZhangZuo/Northwestern Polytechnical University,0/182
  20. Researches on the Theory of Differtial Game and Its Applications in Attack, Command and Control System,XuZiXiang/Northwestern Polytechnical University,4/630
  21. Study on the Strategy of e-Procurement Based on e-Marketplace,ChangGuangShu/Northwestern Polytechnical University,3/1060
  22. China's bond interest rate risk of the investment research,LiZhengHong/Northwestern Polytechnical University,1/967
  23. High-tech Industrial Development Zone Study of Industrial Clusters and Competitive Power,ZhaoHongZhuan/Northwestern Polytechnical University,8/2403
  24. The Assessment Model and Implementation for Quality Performance,HeJinFeng/Northwestern Polytechnical University,11/1662
  25. Research on the System and Methods of Intelligent Process Quality Control,ZhengWeiWei/Northwestern Polytechnical University,3/833
  26. Research on Formal Software Modeling and Design of Intelligent Distributed Supervisory and Control Systems,HuXiaoHui/Northwestern Polytechnical University,0/488
  27. Investigation of Coupling Character for Complex Shielding Body,DengYun/Northwestern Polytechnical University,1/375
  28. Performance Assessment and Improvement of Process Quality Control,WangHaiYu/Northwestern Polytechnical University,9/1117
  29. Study on the Influential Factors of Dynamic Collaboration Trust in Supply Chain,YinZuo/Northwestern Polytechnical University,4/989
  30. A Study on Critical Success Factors of Enterprise New Product Development Projects,FangZuo/Northwestern Polytechnical University,1/1374
  31. Study on Risk Assessment of General Contracting Project,ZhaoPing/Northwestern Polytechnical University,14/2872
  32. Government regulation theory and empirical research,LeiHua/Northwestern Polytechnical University,7/1705
  33. Research on the Decision Methods of Technical Innovation Investment Project Investment Based on Real Options,FanXia/Northwestern Polytechnical University,5/1060
  34. Study on Intelligent Autonomous Optimization Mechanisms Based-on Dynamic Bayesian Networks,XiaoQinZuo/Northwestern Polytechnical University,0/778
  35. Research on the Theory and Methods of Statistical Process Monitoring and Adjustment,ZhangLi/Northwestern Polytechnical University,3/262
  36. Three-dimensional GIS spatial data model and visualization techniques,WuHuiXin/Northwestern Polytechnical University,26/3007
  37. Research on Scalability of Collaborative Virtual Environment Systems,HuXiaoMei/Northwestern Polytechnical University,1/189
  38. Research of an Adaptive Distance Education System Based on the Network,WangYun/Northwestern Polytechnical University,6/832
  39. Research and Implement of Optical Music Recognition,LiuXiaoXiang/Northwestern Polytechnical University,1/211
  40. Studying on the Key Techniques of Volume Visualization in Medicine,Tian/Northwestern Polytechnical University,1/417
  41. The Research on Objects Tracking in Image Sequences,JiaJingPing/Northwestern Polytechnical University,8/1775
  42. To support research -based decision-making of a harmonious society of urban and rural employment,LiuZeShuang/Northwestern Polytechnical University,3/1346
  43. WSR methodology - based urban development research,KouXiaoDong/Northwestern Polytechnical University,1/816
  44. Research on Active Acoustic Structure Based on Modal Analysis Approach,LiShuang/Northwestern Polytechnical University,13/669
  45. Study on the Synthesis, Performance and Kinetics of C36 DFA Based Polyester and Its Derivant,FengGuangZuo/Northwestern Polytechnical University,1/405
  46. Study on Improving Cyanate Ester Resin with Nanometer Silica Particle,WangJunLong/Northwestern Polytechnical University,2/546
  47. Surface Treatment, Metal Electrode Contact and Indium Doping Behavior of Cd1-xZnxTe Crystals,LiQiang/Northwestern Polytechnical University,0/183
  48. The Lowtemperature Sintering and Electrical Property Study of ZnVSb Based Varistor Ceramic,ZhaoMing/Northwestern Polytechnical University,2/279
  49. Molecular Simulation of Structure and Properties of Typical Silicon-Based Ceramics,YeYaJing/Northwestern Polytechnical University,2/344
  50. Efficient Method for Simulation of Viscous Flows Past Helicopter Rotors and Active Flow Control,HanZhongHua/Northwestern Polytechnical University,17/956

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