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Guangzhou traffic jams and Governance Research

Author: HuangXin
Tutor: WangJunShuan
School: Shaanxi Normal University
Course: Public Administration
Keywords: Urban traffic traffic congestion urban planning
CLC: U491.265
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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China has the largest population in the world, and the fastest speed of economies growing. With the developing of economic and the increasing of income levels, damand for cars is also increasing. On the one hand, we face increasingly congested urban traffic, on the other hand is a growing demand for urban transport. The contradiction between supply and demand of urban traffic and the resulting traffic congestion has become one of the urgent need to address the problem of China’s urbanization process. At present, many cities of our country there have been traffic jams, brought a lot of pressure to the operation of the traffic. To this end, improve traffic management to avoid traffic jams significance is more prominent. The smooth flow of traffic contribute to the smooth running of urban transport, which brings convenience to people’s lives and work. At present, many office workers due to traffic congestion and to work late, severely affected the efficiency of its work, and traffic problems must be able to greatly reduce the traffic problems running obstacles. In addition, the traffic environment is an important basis for the evaluation of a city. Chaotic traffic environment is bound to make the city’s image greatly reduced. Therefore, the optimization of traffic management to ensure the smooth flow of traffic can increase the influence and competitiveness of the city. Seen to solve the problem of urban traffic congestion is not only a question of the meaning of scientific development, improve urban competitiveness inevitable.Guangzhou, one of China’s major economic, financial and shipping center, the traffic problem is particularly serious. With the accelerated process of urbanization, population growth and economic development, urban transport in Guangzhou has reached a state of saturation. Overall, the development in recent years, Guangzhou City, a lot of effort made in the construction of urban traffic congestion governance have also made some achievements, but from a practical point of view, all the measures can only help ease the role of "temporary solution." Traffic congestion problems exposed by the contradiction between the needs of the problems left over by history and development is not yet clear, these problems in the early stages of development, through the expand transportation construction scale to "sneak", but with the acceleration of economic development in Guangzhou City, population, the number of private cars is a substantial increase in traffic growing gap between supply and demand, the government and the people must look at this issue and to take effective measures to solve them. To solve these problems, need the right attitude of managers at all levels, need to draw extensively on the government blocked the experience of success at home and abroad, urban transport planning, construction and management toward standardization, scientific track. Successfully hosted the Asian Games, Guangzhou City, the traffic situation than in the past has been greatly improved, but the traffic situation is much unpleasantness on the morning and evening peak hour traffic congestion is embarrassing. In this paper, to the actual situation of the Guangzhou urban transport, for example, through our discussions and studies, public administration, public choice theory perspective, and so the analysis of the domestic large and medium-sized urban traffic congestion to discuss countermeasures to solve urban traffic congestion, expectations can provide a useful reference for urban traffic congestion mitigation.Cause traffic congestion downtown Guangzhou for many reasons, on the one hand, the rapid economic and social development of the city of Guangzhou, resulting in rapid increase in demand for urban transport, Guangzhou City, due to the city’s historic, geographic features caused by traffic network structure reasonable, limited and inadequate transport facilities and traffic management reasons, the Guangzhou traffic supply capacity is limited, leading to the city’s traffic situation is grim, the increasingly severe traffic congestion. On the other hand, the increase in the number of motor vehicles, urban residents weak traffic awareness the taxi utilization is not high, the parking resources co-ordination is not in place, traffic management and low intelligence level of problem exacerbated by the deterioration of the downtown Guangzhou traffic environment, but also increased the difficulty and burden of traffic congestion governance.This paper argues that improving downtown Guangzhou congestion status quo lies in:First, adhere to the "bus priority" policy, to optimize the bus construction, and to enhance its role in transportation. Is to improve the public transportation infrastructure, the change of public transport, strengthen the management and control of a motor vehicle on a non-bus travel, development and construction of new public transport facilities, and actively improve the level of public transport services; Second, to strengthen civic education, to strengthen their awareness of traffic. Improve traffic is everyone’s responsibility. Improve the traffic environment, not only rely on the efforts of the Government, but also test the common people of the city maintenance; Third, improve the the traffic circuit design, to enhance the affordability of transport; Fourth, the emphasis supervision of traffic operation, improve travel efficiency. Mainly in the private management of public car phenomenon, transportation subsidies, reduce the phenomenon of the bus on the road; appropriate restrictions on the use of self-driving, to reduce the traffic pressure of the central city. Traffic congestion charging in this area can learn from Singapore and other countries to control the use of self-driving and travel, the residents of the wishes of the way to travel by car to the transfer of public transport.

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