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Remineralization of Desalinated Sea Water

Author: LiuHongWei
Tutor: ZhangHongWei
School: Tianjin University
Course: Municipal Engineering
Keywords: Desalinated water Remineralization Calcium ion CCPP LSI Water chemistry stabilization
CLC: TU991.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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At present, sea water desalination develops rapidly all around the world, manycities that short of water have been using desalinated water as essential supplement ofmunicipal water. All water quality indexes of desalinated water are superior to tapwater, but it also has some shortcomings. On one hand, because its quality is too pureand nearly contains no minerals, long-term drinking desalinated water do harm tohuman health; on the other hand, due to its low hardness and alkalinity, it will oftenappears red or yellow water phenomenon if we directly use desalinated water formunicipal water supply, and this will lead to water security issues. To solve the aboveproblems, we must do some post processing to desalinated water, in order to improvemineral content and increase its hardness and alkalinity. Now many foreign countrieshave the practical engineering application in this field, but our country lacks sufficientresearch and engineering application.This paper studied the post-treatment process of carbon dioxide acidificationdissolved calcite of desalinated water. By some corresponding analog test apparatus,this paper studied the impacts on mineralized water quality because of various processparameters, and established a reaction model based on the chemical kinetics, toprovide some theoretical basis for the post-treatment of desalination water.The simulation experiment results show that: calcium ion concentration of theeffluent water increases with the partial pressure of carbon dioxide of the influentwater, but it can lead to a problem of excessive effluent turbidity when the partialpressure of carbon dioxide is too high, and the appropriate influent carbon dioxidepartial pressure is10kPa. The remineralization effect is better with the longerhydraulic residence time. But after12min, calcium ion concentration increases slow.When the partial pressure of carbon dioxide and the hydraulic residence time areconstant, the faster the flow is, the better the remineralization will be. But, theturbidity will be improved apparently as the flow rate increased. The size of thecalcite particle has a significant effect on remineralization, and the suitable calciteparticle diameter is510mm. The effluent water is acidic and with a strong corrosiveand so that it needs to adjust the pH. The suitable manner is aerated to the remineralized water.This paper derived a functional relationship between calcium ion concentrationof outflow and partial pressure of carbon dioxide of influent water according tothermodynamic equilibrium principle, and established a mineralization reaction modelon the basis of the theory of chemical kinetics and ion diffusion theory. Thepredictions of the model show that the accuracy of the predicted result is more than90%when the partial pressure of carbon dioxide is lower than10kPa and the hydraulicresidence time is less than12min, and this conclusion can be used as the theoreticalbasis for process design.By analyzing the water quality stability indexes, the calcium ion concentrationinfluence on the water stability is larger than the alkalinity, and the pH affects thewater stability obviously and it associated with the calcium ion concentration and thealkalinity of water. After the adjustment of pH, the pH of the remineralized water is88.5, and the Ca2+is32to40mg/L. At the same time, the CCPP is from4to10, andthe LSI is greater than0. Relatively, the water is stable. According to the laboratorytest, the post-treatment operating cost was estimated; it is about0.432yuan/m3.

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