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Research of Co-Doped Nano-TiO2Thin Films and Quasi-Solid-State Solar Cells

Author: LiuChang
Tutor: LiDaoRong
School: Henan University of Technology
Course: Environmental Engineering
Keywords: Quasi-solid-state solar cell TiO2 Co-doped
CLC: TM914.4
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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The energy crisis and environmental pollution are two major challenges that human have to meet during21st century. Exploitation and usage of renewable and green energy is the object of a steady growing interest. The solar energy as an inexhaustible and renewable energy has unmatched advantages over other energies such as clean, safe, broad, long-life and so on. Research the solar cell is one of the best ways to develop solar energy.Due to the disadvantages of liquid electrolyte such as leakage, poor packing, short life and so on, quasi-solid-state electrolyte was made in which the sodium polyacrylate was as the gelling agent. Subsequently, it was assembled into the solar cell. Meanwhile, photoelectrochemical property of quasi-solid-state solar cell was investigated in this study.In order to improve conversion efficiency, photo-anode materials were modified in this study. Doped titanium dioxide through introduction of nonmetal elements and metal ions into titanium dioxide was synthesized, respectively. Moreover, they were assembled into quasi-solid-state solar cells and research. Furthermore, doped titanium dioxide were characterized by UV-Vis, FTIR、PL、SEM/EDS、XRD and so on.The results show that, due to the introduction of N and C elements, the band gap of TiO2decreased, the visible absorption edge shifted towards the longer wavelength side, the conversion efficiency of solar cell was improved. When the calcination temperature was400℃, the best photoelectrochemical property of TiOxNyCz appeared, and the corresponding conversion efficiency reached to2.15%. Metal ion doping is not only the significant reduction of particle size, but also better dispersion. Because of introduction of Al3+and Zn2+into the crystal lattice, a new doping level was formed. The new doping level can decrease the band gap of TiO2, inhibit the electron-hole recombination, and improve the separation efficiency. As a result, the Jsc, Voc were increased, the conversion efficiency was significantly enhanced. When the doping amount of Al3+was3mL (Al3+:TiO2=0.5%w/w), the highest conversion efficiency of Al3+-TiOxNyCz solar cell reached to3.03%. When the doping amount of Zn2+was2mL (Zn2+:TiO2=0.9%w/w), the highest conversion efficiency of Zn2+-TiOxNyCz solar cell reached to3.15%.

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