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Design and Test Research of Agricultural Aviation Electrostatic Sprayer

Author: LiuPeng
Tutor: HuJun
School: Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural University
Course: Agricultural Mechanization Engineering
Keywords: Agricultural aviation electrostatic nozzle design mesh type cone typeinduction ring test
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2014
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According to the plant protection machinery and application technology of the backwardstatus of environmental pollution problems, study of electrostatic spraying technology andspraying device at home and abroad, aiming at the shortage of existing electrostatic sprayingdevice, based on conventional air nozzle, designed a kind of aerial electrostatic nozzle suitablefor agricultural aircraft used in China, in order to reduce pesticide harm to the operator and theenvironment, promote the sustainable development of agricultural production.The study on air electrostatic spray pesticides in aircraft in the process of atomization, thedroplet charge, transportation and settlement mechanism are analyzed, based on the Y-5B planenormal nozzle on the design of air electrostatic nozzle model, and its properties were tested tostudy. The main work is as follows:(1) the theoretical analysis shows that, the surface tension is the main resistance of nozzleatomization process, the droplet charged by induction charging method, influence of droplet ismainly affected by the air drag force, gravity and electrostatic force in the course of transit,forcing the droplet deposition is the action of gravity, electric field and space charge force.(2) design a mesh type cone type induction ring, completed the design of electrostaticspray nozzle, and the nozzle of the charged droplet diameter, spray angle, droplet depositionand droplet deposition effects were studied. The results show that: the charged droplet diameteris less than100, and when the gas pressure and the static voltage increases, the droplet diameterhave continued to decrease; the following is good, and there are still charge exists in a longdistance; high voltage electrostatic atomization angle to improve; electrostatic spray is betterthan conventional spray with the increase of the electrostatic voltage, number of leaves,deposited droplets increased; droplet deposition droplet deposition electrostatic spray thanconventional spray, electrostatic spray and droplet distribution more uniform, significantlyreducing drift.The results of this study for future agricultural aviation electrostatic nozzle design andexperimental demonstration has provided the theory basis and the test method of certain.

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