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Functional Characterization of OsSABATHMT3in Rice and Field Evaluation of Attractants for Anagrus Nilaparvatae

Author: HaoZuo
Tutor: ZhangZhen
School: Anhui Agricultural University
Course: Ecology
Keywords: Herbivor-induced plant volatiles SABATH methyltransferases methyl-salicylate Nilaparvata lugens(Stal) Anagrus nilaparvatae
CLC: S435.112
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Herbivor-induced plant volatiles (HIPVs) which plays an important role through manipulate tritrophic interactions of plants-herbivores-their natural enemies could regulate insect behavior.The research on pest prevention and control of useing volatiles has important theoretical and practical significance.(1)Firstly,we select single active ingredient of synthetic (cis-3-hexenyl-aceate), mixed active ingredients (cis-3-hexenal+MeSA) and small molecule compounds(2,4-Dichlor-phenoxy acetic acid(2,4-D))spraying on the field,the results show that several compounds have attracted Anagrus nilaparvatae of predators of rice brown planthopper to some content, while have a certain impact on the development of BPH populations in field. The active ingredient mixed seems have an inhibitory role for adults and nymphs of BPH.(2)Combined with the test results of the laboratory before and now conjecture:Methyl salicylate as plant volatiles plays an important role on pest and disease resistance in plants.In order to investigate the effect of methyl salicylate to BPH and its natural enemies,we cloned one SABATHMTs (in plants are a family of enzymes that catalyze the methylation of atom O in some carboxyl group of small molecules and alkaloids to generate the corresponding methyl ester substances) genes-OsSABATH3in rice.and studied its some roles, the results showed that:1)Design primers for PCR amplification, cloning OsSABATH3gene was connected to the pMD19-T vector and sequenc analysis shows full length of OsSABATH3cDNA is1143bp, open reading frame is1140bp, encoding a protein consisting of380amino acids.2)Subcellular localization indicates the gene expression of OsSABATH3localized in cytosols.3)Expression levels of OsSABATH3after mechanical wounding.feeding by the rice striped stem borer(SSB),treated with JA is significant,induced-expressionthe by rice brown plant-hopper (BPH)shows the significant difference for24h only.In addition, mRNA levels of OsSABATH3were slightly enhanced when plants were treated with SA.4)Constructed the vector of OsSABATH3antisense inhibition.useing Agrobacterium infection and plant tissue culture methods we obtain mutant plants.By GUS staining.PCR screening and Southern hybridization for the progenies of these lines, four single copy homozygous strains only containing the target gene can be obtained. The study sets the seal on biological control of insect pests of rice.

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