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Antifungal Activity of Cinnamon Essential Oil against Botrytis Cinerea and the Effect of Cinnamon Essential Oil on Quality of Tomato and Protective Enzyme System of Tomato Seedlings

Author: DongHongPing
Tutor: ZhouLin
School: Henan Agricultural University
Course: Pesticides
Keywords: cinnamon essential oil B. cinerea antifungal activity the quality of tomato fruit antioxidant enzymes
CLC: S482.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Essential oil, which is a kind of plant secondary metabolite, contains special activeingredients. It also could be endowed with antifungal and antiseptic. For exploring itsfunction on fruit and vegetable disease control, the inhibitory effect of cinnamon essential oilon Botrytis cinerea, Penicillium expansum, Ahernaria alternate and Fusarium oxysporum invitro and in vivo conditions was evaluated by the methods of mycelial growth, sporegermination, living tissue and pot test. Antifungal activity of cinnamon essential oil, fennelessential oil, the combination of cinnamon essential oil and fennel essential oil (1:1), thecombination of cinnamon essential oil and clove essential oil (1:1) against B. cinerea wastested. The tomato fruit quality was detected after cinnamon essential oil coating under4℃and the antioxidant defense reaction of tomato seedling was studied in the indoor cultivationcondition. The results are as follows:Results indicated that cinnamon essential oil has the different degrees inhibition onmycelial growth of four plant pathogens in vitro, and the inhibition strengthen with theincrease of the oil concentration under experimental condition. The EC50values of cinnamonessential oil against mycelial growth of four plant pathogens were272.17mg·L-1,324.78mg·L-1,316.24mg·L-1,326.95mg·L-1, respectively. It showed the strongest inhibitory activityto B. cinerea. The way it functions to fungal hypha showed that cinnamon essential oil hasantifungal activity on B. cinerea and P.expansum, and killed the fungi on A. alternate and F.oxysporum. Cinnamon essential oil has the different degrees inhibition on spore germinationof four plant pathogens in vitro, and the inhibition strengthen with the increase of the oilconcentration under experimental condition. Their EC50values of cinnamon oil against sporegermination of four plant pathogens were196.01mg·L-1,273.52mg·L-1,390.44mg·L-1,311.23mg·L-1, respectively. It showed the strongest inhibitory activity to spore germination of B. cinerea.In order to explore synergistic effect between cinnamon essential oil and other essentialoils, we measured antifungal activity of the combined use of some essential oils. The resultsshowed that the EC50values of cinnamon essential oil, fennel essential oil, the combinationof cinnamon essential oil and fennel essential oil(1:1), the combination of cinnamon essentialoil and clove essential oil(1:1) against mycelial growth of Botrytis cinerea were272.17mg·L-1,334.43mg·L-1,226.05mg·L-1and544.43mg·L-1, respectively. The inhibition againstB. cinerea was100%, and the concentration of cinnamon essential oil and fennel essential oilwere300mg·L-1and400mg·L-1, respectively. Their EC50values on spore germination of B.cinerea were196.01mg·L-1,444.66mg·L-1,301.66mg·L-1,403.09mg·L-1, respectively. Thus,synergistic effect of cinnamon essential oil was better than essential oil blend in vitro.The therapeutic and protective efficacies were64.16%and34.90%(6d) on tomatotreated at the concentration of10g·L-1with the needle puncturing method, respectively. Itstherapeutic efficacy was significantly different with the control fungicide10g·L-1ofprocymidone. Its protective efficacy was significantly different with the control fungicide10g·L-1of procymidone. In pot experiments, the therapeutic and protection effects of cinnamonessential oil against B. cinerea were58.23%and47.34%at the concertration of6g·L-1. Thetherapeutic and protection effects of cinnamon oil against B. cinerea were59.01%and49.03%at the concertration of8g·L-1.Their effects were substantially below50%procymidone wettable powder (diluted by800times).In order to make clear whether cinnamon essential oil is negative impact on the quality oftomato fruit and the protective enzyme systems of tomato seedling. We investigated theeffects on the quality of tomato fruit with different concentration of cinnamon essential oil.The results showed that cinnamon essential oil reduce of weight loss, delayed the change ofcolor, increased vitamin C content, effectively. Titration acid contents and reducing sugarcontents were increased, while SSC was stable in this experiment. Cinnamon essential oil canincrease SOD activity and POD activity of tomato seedling. Cinnamon essential oil had nosignificant effect on CAT activity and MDA content of tomato seeding.

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