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The Study of Different Cultivation Methods and Amount of Nitrogen Aplication on Corn Growth and Nutrient Absorption

Author: ZhangHongTian
Tutor: WangPeng
School: Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural University
Course: Plant Nutrition
Keywords: Corn Dry matter Accumulation Nitrogen Uptake Phosphorus Absorption Potassium Absorption Yield and Quality
CLC: S513
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2014
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In order to study changes of corn growth, nutrient uptake, yield and quality under differentnitrogen and cultivation and with a view to provide a theoretical basis for corn productions selectthe best cultivation methods and nitrogen fertilizer. Tests under field conditions, set two testtreatment, the first is nitrogen gradient experimental treatments,the second treatment wasdifferent cultivation ways, all treatment phosphorus and potassium amount of P2O5=150kg·hm-2,K2O=75kg·hm-2. The results showed that:1. Corn height180kg·hm-2higher than control7.52%, film dressing75hm-2was higher thanfilm dressing75hm-2treatment4.36%, film dressing105hm-2was lower than film dressing105hm-2treatment6.23%.2. Corn dry matter accumulation180kg·hm-2treatment highest and was higher than0kg·hm-2,120kg·hm-2,150kg·hm-2treatment46.62%,21.84%,21.76%, variance analysis showedthat0~180kg·hm-2treatment have no significant difference and significant lower than180kg·hm-2; film dressing105hm-2was higher than film dressing105hm-2treatment37.28%andhave significant difference.3. Corn nitrogen uptake amount150kg·hm-2treatment highest and was higher than control28.42%and have significant difference,0kg·hm-2,120kg·hm-2,180kg·hm-2treatment have nosignificant difference and there was no significant difference between150kg·hm-2and180kg·hm-2treatment under rainfed conditions; all treatment have no significant difference underfilm supplemental irrigation, film dressing75hm-2was higher than film dressing75hm-2treatment10.30%and film dressing105hm-2was higher than film dressing105hm-2treatment11.17%.4. Corn phosphorus uptake180kg·hm-2highest and was higher than control47.77%andhave significant difference,0kg·hm-2,120kg·hm-2,150kg·hm-2treatment have no significantdifference under rainfed conditions; all treatment have no significant difference under filmsupplemental irrigation, film dressing75hm-2highest and was higher than film dressing75hm-2treatment15.88%.5. Corn potassium absorption180kg·hm-2highest and was higher than control74.64%andhave significant difference,120kg·hm-2,150kg·hm-2treatment was higher than control31.42%,37.63%and have significant difference under rainfed conditions; all treatment have no significant difference under film supplemental irrigation, film dressing75hm-2treatment highestand was higher than film dressing75hm-2treatment19.01%.6. There was no significant difference on corn ear length, bald length, ear weight, grainweight, yield under different nitrogen treatment, ear length, rows per ear, kernels per row, baldlength, ear weight, grain weight, seed rate, yield was no significant difference under differentcultivation; grain quality indicators was no significant difference in different treatment.7. Corn nitrogen amount180kg·hm-2treatment was best, film supplemental irrigation forpromote corn growth and nutrient uptake better than rainfed treatment.

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