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Shoot Culture and Somatic Embryogenesis in Aspen Clones

Author: ShiJuanJuan
Tutor: WangZhengJia
School: Zhejiang Forestry University
Course: Tree Genetics and Breeding
Keywords: Carya illinoensis genetic diversity seed traits analysis cuttage grafting
CLC: S664.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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In this paper, make analysis for genetic diversity of Carya illinoensis which introduced fromUSA, Make analysis of domestic existing varieties seed traits, make in-depth study of vegetativepropagation technique throutgh hardwood cuttings and grafting experiment, To better understandAmerican pecan cuttings rooting mechanism, in order to select fine varieties. to provide theoreticalbasis and technical support for the cuttings and grafting. The results are as follows:The experiment of genetic diversity analysis of the introduced varieties: SSR technique wasused to amplify the genomic DNA of37cultivers of pecan to study the genetic relationship andspecies genetic diversity. The results:Using sceened14pairs of SSR primers,112alleles wereamplified, and the alleles per locus ranged from3to20with the mean value of8. Thepolymorphism of primer SSR28a, SSR1298, GA31, GA38was highest which was100%.Thepolymorphism of primer CIN23was lowest which was50%.The experiment of seed traits analysis of different varieties: we do some main trait analysisbetween different varieties of Carya illinoensis seed for domestic varieties by measuring theindicators of fresh fruit:weight, thick skin, seed weight, seed width, seed length, shell thickness,kernel weight, kernel percent, seed rate. Results: the varieties of ZL58, ZL21, ZL11are qualityvarieties, kernel percent is58.726%,56.661%,56.350%, variety of30are inferior varieties, kernelpercent is26.208%.Research of lignified cuttings and Rooting Mechanism of Carya illinoensis: IBA and NAAwere made at different solution concentrations that got a total of50kinds of hormone combinationto soak and speed dip handle cuttings for randomized trials;cuttings were divided into twoparts,annual and biennial, made cuttings experiments in the greenhouse and in the field at thesame time; From anatomy level determin rooting mechanism of Lignified Cuttings of Caryaillinoensis by paraffin section.Results: As can be seen from the anatomical structure of Caryaillinoensis on cuttings rooting belongs to callus root type. Either soaking or speed dip treated theannual cuttings rooting rate was significantly higher than the biennial cuttings, Greenhouse cuttingsurvival rate is higher than the the field cutting survival rate, survival rate dipped speed processingis relatively higher than the survival rate of soaking, in the quick dip process, when the combination of growth regulator for IBA600mg/kg and NAA900mg/kg,cuttings rooting rate isthe hightest, about80%.Effects of grafting time and rootstock treatments on the survival rate of Carya illinoensis: thescion was annual material, compared the survival rate and the effects of growth conditions abouttransplanting grafts, root pruning cut grafts and not root pruning cut grafts three methods atdifferent times of Carya illinoensis. Results: The survival rate of grafting of3grafting methodsappeared peak at April8th, the survival rate of transplanting grafts was the highest which was86.8%. From the end of4to the end of7the survival rate of the three methods was basically equal,arranged from33%-48.6%.

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