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Study on Heredity and Development of Ginkso biloba L. Culture

Author: ChenFengJie
Tutor: FanBaoMin
School: Chinese Academy of Forestry
Course: Forestry Economics and Management
Keywords: Ginkgo biloba L. culture of Ginkgo biloba L. history
CLC: G122
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Ginkgo biloba L. is a unique Chinese relict species, ginkgo culture is an important part ofChina’s ecology cultural. In this paper, through the collation of ancient books and theinvestigation of ginkgo tree resources, we study on the heredity and development of ginkgoculture. The main contents of the paper are: the basis study on ginkgo ancient names, ancientginkgo trees, and related books, historical characters of the comb; the study on ginkgocultivation techniques, range and ginkgo utilization and economic from the aspects of forestresources and industrial development; and the study on ginkgo folklore, literature and art, andthe relationships between Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism from the aspects of behaviorand consciousness.Ginkgo biloba culture has great influence and vitality. Ginkgo culture exists in the form ofregional culture in ginkgo producing areas in the early. Between Tang Dynasity and SongDynasty, especially in northern China, the ginkgo culture may fault. After the Song Dynasty,the limitations of ginkgo origin regional distribution still exist, which makes the ginkgo culturepresent the spiral development state. Our country is rich in resources of the ancient ginkgotrees, books and documents, and historical figures in the story, which shows the stronginfluence of ginkgo in China. This is a part of ginkgo culture, is also the basis of the study onthe ginkgo culture.The Chinese people began planting ginkgo from the Shang and Zhou dynasties, with theextensive development of Ginkgo utilization, ginkgo economy is gradually on the rise. Sincethe Song Dynasty, ginkgo is one of the countries and governments collect items. During theMing and Qing Dynasties, the number of ginkgo collected by the government is large.Thecollected Ginkgo are used by the Hubu(for for military use) and seneschal(for the use of theRoyal).The collection of ginkgo may be physical collection or conversion to money. At thesame time, along with the ginkgo become people’s daily use, ginkgo trading has arisen. Not only the ginkgo seeds become goods, even the ginkgo tree and ginkgo bonsai material can bebought and sold. After the Reform and opening up, the courtyard planting has once becomethe important economic tree species. With the further development of commodity economy, theginkgo industrial will get development. At least during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, thegovernment imposed ginkgo related taxes. At least in the Qing Dynasty, the government hasbanned logging of some ancient ginkgo trees. Contemporary, our government has issued anumber of measures to protect the ancient and famous trees.Ginkgo culture in literature and art, folk customs, and the relationships betweenConfucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism, is a bright pearl of China’s traditional culture, is ourcountry people’s precious spiritual wealth. We need to inherit the wealth, and develop modernginkgo culture. Which can enrich people’s spiritual and cultural life, provide support andguidance for our country’s economic and social development.In order to construct contemporary ginkgo culture, we must inherit the ginkgo culture inhistory, and develop the ginkgo culture with the spirit of this times. The construction anddevelopment of ginkgo culture need to have "five principles",which are places, trees, stories,appeals, and the audience. In order to promote the prosperity of ginkgo culture, we should payattention to the promotion of government departments, academics and the community,strengthen the propaganda and guidance of ginkgo, and encourage the participation of people.

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