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Effect of Saline-alkali Stress on Germination and Seedling of Amorpha fruticosa Seeds

Author: ChenPeiYu
Tutor: KongDeZheng
School: Henan Agricultural University
Course: Ornamental Plants and Horticulture
Keywords: various salinity-alkalinity stress seed germination and physiologicalchanges
CLC: S793.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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This experiment on various seeds and seedlings as materials, usingdifferent concentrations of NaCl and Na2SO4, NaHCO3and mixture of Na2CO3stresstreatment, observe and record different concentration gradient under salinity stress onvarious seed germination rate, germination potential, germination index, vigor index,germination index and seedlings leaf membrane permeability, malondialdehyde,antioxidant enzymes and soluble sugar, soluble protein, proline, chlorophyll and otherpHysiological indicators of change. The experimental results are as follows:(1) Under salinity stress on various seed germination rate, germination potential,germination index, vigor index, germination index gradually with the increase of saltconcentration and pH is reduced, that salinity-alkalinity stress on various seedgermination inhibition. Low concentration of neutral salt effects on various seedgermination, seeds of various salinity resistance. With the increase of saltconcentration and pH, the more significant difference in the strain indexes, and highin salt and alkali inhibitory effect than single high salt or alkali, and salt stress andalkali stress exist at the same time, between the two mutual synergy. When the saltconcentration, pH value of10.19for200tendency for L, various germination, explainthe stress strength is beyond the limits of various seed germination can endure.(2) Under salt stress, the various seedlings leaf relative conductivity andmalondialdehyde content were positively related with the salt concentration, pH value.Low salt high alkali and salt does not change significantly under the condition of lowalkali both, illustrate various salinity resistance. But with the increase of saltconcentration and pH, stress intensity is enhanced, especially in the high alkali andthe presence of high salt at the same time, various leaf relative conductivity, MDA hasrisen sharply, shows that the stability of cell membrane damage.(3) Neutral salt group (group A) and low alkaline salt group (group B), at lowsalt concentration of15~60tendency/L range, the total chlorophyll content ofvarious higher than contrast is on the rise, the salt concentration is60tendency, pHvalue of7.94L peak,118.7%of the control, suggesting that in the low salinity stress,various environment in order to adapt to stress, increased its chlorophyll synthesis,low salinity stress on various stimulates the synthesis of chlorophyll. With the increase of stress strength, when the salt concentration as the tendency for200L, pHvalue of10.19sharply reduced to the minimum,59.1%of the control, suggesting thatunder high in salt and alkali stress on the chlorophyll formation of various inhibition.(4) Various free proline content of leaves and salt concentration were positivelyrelated, and were higher than control. When salt concentration is200tendency for L,the increase of high alkali group (group E) is neutral salt group (group A) of theincrease of3.3times, illustrate various free proline content of high alkaline salt stresssensitive; High alkali salt that does most harm to plants.(5) Under saline-alkali stress, SOD, CAT activity changes of AmorpHa fruticosaleaves are consistent, with the increase of salt concentration increased firstly and thendecreased, and were higher than the control. Changes of soluble protein and sugar incomplementary relationship certain.(6) The salt stress with alkali stress mutual collaboration, mutual effect, singlesalt harm than saline at the same time to the harm of various, especially in high salt,pH and the presence of stress strength, the largest impact on various and the mostsignificant.

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