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Study on Pepper and Potato Stems and Leaves Silage Modulation

Author: ZhouJuanJuan
Tutor: ChenBenJian
School: Gansu Agricultural University
Course: Grassland biodiversity
Keywords: Pepper seeding Potato vine silage moisture additives fermentationcharacteristic nutritional ingredien
CLC: S816.53
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Vegetable production generate a large number of stems and leaves, its volume is largeand harvest concentration, all of those lead to it difficult to dispose or feed livestock. Somevegetable stems and leaves such as pepper and potato, were too poor palatability to feedlivestock or dry hay difficultly, such a large of vines and the accumulation of residues that notonly wastes resources but also contaminates the environment. Effective utilization ofvegetable stems and leaves has become to the main problem of improving forage shortage.Silage is one of the methods to expand the feed resources. However, few researches onvegetable stems and leaves silage.The soluble sugar of the fresh pepper and potato seeding is low and buffering capacity ishigh, that is difficult to silage directly. Makesure successful silage of pepper and potato stemsand leaves, and improved the quality of fermentation. Taking pepper and potato harvestedfresh plants as the research material, to explore the effect of moisture and additives(formicacid、propionic acid、previous fermented juice、cornmeal、potato dreg)on the quality ofpepper seeding and potato plant seeding silage.(1)Moisture was the main factor for affecting the silage quality of pepper seedings andpotato vine. pH value tended to increase and lactic acid content declined, pH value wassignificantly(P<0.05)lower than control in high water condition (75%), and it was the lowestat all. Soluble sugar、crude protein、neutral detergent fiber and acid detergent fiber contentwere all lower than raw materials under different moisture content; crude protein of pepperseeding was higher in middle water condition (65%); however, potato vine was in low watercondition(55%. Neutral detergent fiber and acid detergent fiber content increased.(2)Adding acid substances could significantly reduced pH value、ammoniacalnitrogen/total nitrogen content, increased lactic acid content. Especially adding formic acidaddition pH decreased significantly(P<0.05), and butyric acid produced less or no during theensiling process. With increased formic acid, pH value、acetic acid and butyric acid contentdecreased and lactic acid increased; dry matter content decreased, neutral detergent fiber andacid detergent fiber content significantly(P<0.05)lower than control; crude protein contentincreased. Formic acid addition was significantly(P<0.05) increasing soluble sugar content. Silage quality of formic acid addition was better than propionic acid, and1.5%additiveamount was best.(3)Cornmeal as a kind of nutritional additive could effectively increase soluble sugarand dry matter content. As increasing of cornmeal addition, compared to raw materials pHvalue reduced, lactic acid content increased, butyric acid and ammoniacal nitrogen/totalnitrogen decreased; crude protein content significantly(P<0.05)lower, and decreasingamplitude was large; neutral detergent fiber and acid detergent fiber content significantlyhigher than control, and neutral detergent fiber and acid detergent fiber content were a bigdecline in high water condition (75%).100g/kg PFJ was best.(4)Silage with previous fermented juice reduced silage pH value、cut down the contentof acetic acid、butyric acid and ammoniacal nitrogen/total nitrogen. With the increase of PFJaddition, soluble sugar content rised, and neutral detergent fiber and acid detergent fibercontent were all dropped. PFJ5.0ml/kg in low water content was the best treatment; crudeprotein content had no significant variation.(5)Add the potato dreg, reduced silage pH value and ammoniacal nitrogen content,increased lactic acid content; mixed silage of vegetable seeding and potato dreg significantly(P<0.05)increased soluble sugar and dry matter, greatly reduced neutral detergent fiber andacid detergent fiber content, meanwhile, augmented neutral detergent substances and aciddetergent substances content, to reach the purpose of modulation quality silage.30%additiveamount was best.(6)In three moisture interval, the quality of pepper seedings silage with formic acid、propionic acid、cornmeal and potato dregs showed: formic acid>potato dregs>cornmeal>propionic acid. The quality of potato vine silage with formic acid、previous fermented juice、cornmeal and potato dregs in high water content that was: formic acid>potato dregs>previous fermented juice>cornmeal; in middle water content and low water condition thatwas: formic acid>previous fermented juice>cornmeal>potato dregs. Silage quality ofadditives in middle and high water content was better than in low water content.

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