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The Research and Spread of Breeding Pelteobagrus Fulvidraco Integrated Technology in Chuzhou City

Author: YuHongXi
Tutor: WanQuan
School: Anhui Agricultural University
Course: Cultivation
Keywords: pelteobagrus fulvidraco fries cultivated artificial cultivating diseasesprophylaxis catching
CLC: S965.199
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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After study for several years, we enlarged the dimensions of pelteobagrus fulvidraco breeding in Chuzhou city, enhanced the benefit of breed aquatics, reduced the breeding cost and risks, aggrandized the income of famers by the model of generalization after experiment and demonstration. So there is a compeleted industrial chain of breeding, cultivation, feed, medicine, marketing of pelteobagrus fulvidraco in Chuzhou city now. In this process, we summarized and studied seriously about the biological characters, artificial breeding, cultivated fries, ponds breeding, net-boxs breeding, mix-breeding, prophylaxis and treatment the diseases and catching technology of pelteobagrus fulvidraco. And integrated them as completed technology. We setted it as an example and spreaded it in large scale. Now the pelteobagrus fulvidraco has been the one of important breeding varieties in Chuzhou city already. The follows are the results of our research.1With the artificial environment of pelteobagrus fulvidraco spontaneously spawning, we had a two-years experiment about artificial breeding at two demonstrated bases in Chuzhou city, we collected eighty millions and seven hundreds thousands spawn in total druing this experiment, include sixty one millions and sixty hundreds fifty thousands fertilizated spawn, the average rate of fertilization is76%, and produce fourty five millions and nine hundreds thousands fries, the average rate of produce is74%. This result confirmed that pelteobagrus fulvidraco can spawn spontaneously and produce fries without injecting hormone and getting sperm by killing male fishes under the condition of suitable temperature and oxygen.After artificial cultivating the fries, we collected nine thousands and six hundreds ninty two kilogram fries in total an two demonstrated bases in Chuzhou city, the average weight was14-15g each one, the survival rate was more than50%. The key point of fry cultivating is the difference of the temperature of transport to targeted place of fish fries should can not be distinct.you should fix mesh that it is smooth and clean before fish fries put into pond. All the same time,The temperature of the bag of fish fries should be similar to the pond.fish fries should be stamped with the sunshade net.2The demonstration pond sum up to capture19124kg of Yellow Catfish, The weight of each fish is about100~150g.The production of each mu reach above 700kg,The benefit of cultivation can reach57800000yuan/667m2. A series of experiment show that the culture density of Yellow Catfish can reach from6500to7000/667m2. When the weight of each fish is about6~12g/tail, feeding one year can meet the requirements of marketing. The particle size of feed should be similar to the size of Yellow Catfishl, nutrition of feed should be comprehensive, not deteriorating; The process of cultivation should keep sufficient dissolved oxygen, often add new water.In the trials of cage culture.when the weight of fish is similar,the stocking density of80tail/m2can reach the highest yield, in the same density,the weight of about30-35g can reach the highest yield. Protein content of the feed must be high than the feed of conventional fish, in general more than40%. Experiments show that:the density and weight of the cage culture should be moderate, stocking density of80tail/m2and weight of30-35g/tail is appropriate, the use of the feed of floating pellets is not easy to be wasteful.3The nets of catching fish special for Yellow Catfish, it has a series of advantages as following:simple operation, only need from4to5people; catching rate can above95%in2~3times; low cost; you can adjust the size and amount of catching fish according to need.The cultivation of Yellow catfish need a series of technology, include breeding, cultivation of fish fries, catching, disease prevention. This technology provides a reliable technical support for the cultivation of yellow catfish But in the course of forming technology also appeared a series of problem and some " upgrade "species-all male of pelteobagrus fulvidraco.

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