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The Growth and Reproduction Characteristics of Ridgetail White Prawn (Palaemon Carinicauda) Cultured in Ponds

Author: YuTianJi
Tutor: LiJian;LiXia
Course: Aquaculture
Keywords: Palaemon carinicauda growth reproduction
CLC: S966.12
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2014
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1Changes of biochemical compositons in tissues and organs of Palaemon carinicauda femalebroodstock during gonad development fed with different natural dietsIt was studied that the changes of biochemical compositons in tissues and organs of Palaemoncarinicauda female broodstock during gonad development fed with oysters, squids and nereidsrespectively. The results showed that the triglyceride level that group fed with oysters in thehepatopancreas, ovaries and hemolymph were relatively higher. The cholesterol level thatgroup fed with squids were highest in the tissues. The average Vc level that group fed withnereids were higher than other groups. Because nutritional components in the different naturaldiets are various, parent prawns should be fed with diets mixed with above natural diets for thereason of complement nutrient. The mixing ratio should be figured out furtherly.2The effect of different densities of Artemia nauplii on the development of larvae and changesof activities of digestive enzymes during the development of larvaeIt was studied that the effect of different densities of Artemia nauplii on the development oflarvae. The activities of digestive enzymes of different larval stages were determined24h later,with larvaes fed with Artemia nauplii. The results showed that the dry weight(W,10-4g) ofjuveniles and the survival rates from larvae to juvenile increased as the increase of the densityof Artemia nauplii(S), with the consume time from larvae to juvenile reduced. The amylaseactivity was relatively high in the larval stages of Z1and Z2, but it declined sharply in thelarval stages of Z3. The pepsin activity increased as the development of larvae. The lipaseactivity was only a small percentage of the pepsin activity.3The effect of different crude protein levels on the growth of Palaemon carinicaudaIt was studied that the effect of different crude protein levels (31%,35%,39%,43%,47%, and51%) on the growth of Palaemon carinicauda in the period of30d. The results showed that thegrowth rate and the specific growth rate was the highest with the crude protein level of38.96%. The feedstuff coefficient was lowest with the crude protein level of35.10%.4The growth and reproduction characteristics of ridgetail white prawn (Palaemon carinicauda)cultured in pondsThe growth and reproduction characteristics of the ridgetail white prawn (E. carinicauda)cultured in Rizhao area were studied during July to December,2012and April to September,2013. The results indicated that the growth of E. carinicauda was in constant speed. Thehighest growth rate of weight was in summer, the second in autumn and the lowest in spring.The fatness of Palaemon carinicauda was related to its body length and seasonal factors. Thelimiting body length, the months of age of the inflection point and limiting months of age werefigured out using the growth formulation model fitted with the equation of von Bertalanffy. Itwas observed that the individual minimum body length and weight for sexual mature were 35.93mm and0.68g´╝îlaying eggs were36.35mm and0.73g respectively. And the individualmaximum body length and weight for laying eggs were72.82mm and6.73g respectively. Thereproduction peak for Palaemon carinicauda was in April,May,July and August, and thereproduction individuals could be observed at the end of September. There was linearcorrelation between the number of eggs(Y), hatching larvae (X) and the body weight (W). It was estimated that the hatchability of Palaemon carinicauda was46.00percents. Therefore, it isadvisable to cultivate the parent prawn of E. carinicauda in early April in Rizhao area.5The effects of pH changes on antioxidant enzyme activities of ridgetail white prawn(Palaemon carinicauda)Ridgetail white prawn, Palaemon carinicauda, is an important mariculture species in China.In this study, the median lethal pH was mensurated in the hydrostatic toxicity experiment andthe effects of pH changes on antioxidant enzyme activities of ridgetail white prawn wasstudied. The median lethal pH in the acidic range was4.25for24h,4.64for48h,4.71for72h and4.78for96h. The LpH50in the alkaline zone was10.87for24h,10.55for48h,10.38for72h and10.29for96h. Ridgetail white prawns were exposed to water of pH6.5and pH9.5for96h with pH8set as contrast. The T-AOC, CAT activity and anti-superoxide anion activityin different tissues began to increase notably within3~6h of pH stress. The antioxidantenzyme activities started to drop from24~48h, and then it fell back to levels of control groupsbasically before96h. The antioxidant enzyme activities in hepatopancreas were highest underpH stress. The results indicated that ridgetail white prawn is highly adaptable to pH stress. Theantioxidant enzyme activities would increase for feedback to eliminate unnecessary reactiveoxygen within3~24h.

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