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The Experimental Study of Yiqihuoxue Wenyanglishui Method on Heart Failure Water Retention Mechanism in Rats

Author: ZhangXiaoHua
Tutor: SuiDianJun
School: Changchun University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course: Chinese medical science
Keywords: yiqihuoxuewenyanglishui heart failure Arginine vasopressin Aquaporin2
CLC: R259
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2013
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Heart failure (HF) is critical symptom in cardiovascular disease and threatens people’s life. HF is water metabolic obstacle disease with edema, thorax edema and abdomen edema. Scholars study on HF water retention mechanism from many systems including rennin angiotensin aldosternone system (RAAS), arginine vasopressin (AVP), sympathetic nerves system,endothelin system, natriuretic peptide system (ANP and BNP), etc. With the discovery of aquaporin, especially aquaporin2, new research on HFwater retention system has been developed. The effect of arginine vasopressin (AVP)-V2RA-AQP2system in HF water retention process has been gradually noticed and studied. Some scholars think that HF water retention system results from the decrease of heart blood transfusion-the increase of arginine vasopressin level-renal receptor antagon-the activation of aquaporin2and/the increase of gene level-the increase of water reabsorption; and aquaporin2is mainly controlled by AVP, but AVP manipulates AQP2through renal receptor antagon, so AVP-V2receptor-AQP2system takes very important effect in water metabolism.The method of yiqihuoxuewenyanglishui has been generally accepted as the main approach these days according to qiyangkuixu and xueyushuijie. Recently, traditional Chinese medicine and pharmacy focuses on hemodynamics, RAAS, natriuretic peptide and myocardial remodeling, etc. The study on water retention mechanism is in initial stage. Research has just been found in the effect of signal Chinese material medica (such as fuling, zexie, dahuang, huangqi and sigualuo and so on) on AQP2, and compound Chinese material medica can also affect on AQP2. However, with few research on V2R-AQP2, the effect mechanism of yiqiwenyanghuoxuelishui method could not been expounded.Objective:To study the effect of yiqihuoxuewenyanglishui method on the rat of heart failure AVP-V2R-AQP2system in order to explore the effect on HF water retention mechanism by means of this method.Method:Healthy Wistar rats have been chosen, which have been injected adriamycin through abdominal cavity (3mg/kg, once a week, succession of6weeks) with sleep deprivation to make model of HF rats. Then six groups could be divided:blank, model, liqi cardiac tonic, high, medium and low dose Chinese medicine. Four weeks later, six groups of rats with medicine could be observed the concentration of plasma AVP with the method of ELISA, and could be tested the condition of protease of renal organization (spinal cord) V2R, AQP2with immunohistochemical and western-blot; could also be tested relative variety of2m in RNA renal organization (spinal cord) V2R, AQP2with the application of rt-PCR. Result:Method of Yiqihuoxuewenyanglishui could decrease concentration of HF rats’high AVP concentration. Compared with group model, statistical difference could be found. The method could also weaken renal organization V2R, AQP2protease and m RNA relative quantity; so that the result was better than group model especially group medium and high dose.Conclusion:Method of yiqihuoxuewenyanglishui decreases the AVP concentration of plasma and V2R, AQP2protease, mRNA factor to take effect on each section in V2R-AQP2system, and then improve water retention.

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