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Study on Clinical Curative Effects and Mechanism of Damp-heat Diarrhea with QinXiang Anti-diarrhea

Author: LiWenLong
Tutor: ZuoJiuXiang
School: Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course: Chinese medical science
Keywords: QinXiang Anti-diarrhea Damp-heat diarrhea Diarrhea/TCM therapy Damp-heat diarrhea/experiment research diarrhea index Interleukin -1 Interleukin -6 Interleukin -10 tumor necrosis factor-a NF-κBp65 water channel protein 4 Na~+, K~+-ATP enzyme electrolyte
CLC: R285
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2011
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First, Through the sixty cases of outpatient service Damp-heat diarrhea the patient’s clinical research, discusses QinXiang Anti- diarrhea (teacher TengJiuXiang professor experience side of Damp-heat diarrhea) on the clinical curative effect. Second, (1) Establish Damp-heat diarrhea in the rat model; (2) effects on Damp-heat diarrhea diarrhea and Intestinal morphology; (3) effects on inflammatory factors and the expression of NF-kBp65. (4) effects on water channel protein 4 expression; (5) effects on serum electrolytes and intestinal Na+, K+-ATP enzyme. Study QinXiang Anti-diarrhea on Damp-heat diarrhea sinflammatory heat mechanisms and water and electrolyte metabolism. Expecting to explore clinical effects and mechanism of action of QinXiang Anti-diarrhea on Damp-heat diarrhea, to provide reliable scientific experimental and theoretical basis.Methode:First, by hunan university of Chinese medicine clinical study of first affiliated hospital clinic, observe 60 cases observation for infectious diarrhea, TCM syndrome type for Damp-heat diarrhea. In order to be QinXiang Anti-diarrhea in treatment group (30 cases), Chang kang piece for 30 cases of control group. Observation QinXiang Anti-diarrhea of the hot the clinical curative effect of diarrhea. Second, experimental research The SD 60 rats were randomly divided into normal control group, Damp-heat diarrhe group, QinXiang Anti-diarrhea high, medium and low treatment group, changkang tablet group, totally 6 groups of 10 each. (1) Use"outside Wet+inside Wet+biological pathogenic factor" combination factors copy Damp-heat diarrhea model. (2) Index based on diarrhea rate, intestinal pathology, inflammatory factors determine the clinical characteristics of Damp-heat diarrhea. (3) Make observation of normal status and intestinal pathology both on QinXiang Anti-diarrhea rats and changkang tablet rats;detected by ELSIA serum IL-1β, TNF-α,IL-6, IL-10’s content; (4) by immunohistochemistry and Western blot, small intestine, colon NF-kBp65 and aquaporin 4 expression; (5) using Coomassie blue protein assay detection of Na+, K+-ATP activity; by electrode samples tested serum electrolyte levels.Conclusion:(1) Damp-heat diarrhea on mucosal morphology model results showing:from visual observations most Damp-heat diarrhea model rats appeared diffuse intestinal mucosa congestion, edema, or have a lot of mucus and fibrin exudation, and the rats inLocal small bowel bleeding, duodenum, jejunum, ileum, sigmoid colon and rectum onset of the lesions are obvious. In Model group the pathological changes of small intestine villi appear significant loss, swelling of the villous epithelial cells compared with obvious necrosis or shedding part of the intestinal gland degeneration obvious. Submucosa slight congestion and severe edema, a small amount of inflammatory cell infiltration.Under the colonic mucosa was edema, crypt, intestinal glands and stroma can be seen a large number of acute inflammatory cell infiltration. Diarrhea index Damp-heat diarrhea model group are higher than the control group (P<0.01).(2) The results show that Damp-heat diarrhea model group and control group(P<0.05); QinXiang Anti-diarrhea high, medium and low treatment group compared with model group, the three groups were lower than the model group(P<0.05);Experimental results show that, QinXiang Anti-diarrhea high group compared with changkang tablet group, in the 1st day, less than changkang tablet group (P<0.05); the first 2,3 days, QinXiang Anti-diarrhea high medium and low groups compared with the changkang tablet group, index of 3 groups were lower than the changkang tablet group(P<0.05). Intestinal pathology of QinXiang Anti-diarrhea group recovered well, particularly in the high group, nearly same with the normal control group.(3) QinXiang Anti-diarrhea effects on inflammatory factors showed that the model group IL-1β, TNF-α, IL-6 levels were significantly higher than the normal control group (P<0.01):3 treatment groups were compared with model group, the IL-1β. TNF-α, IL-6 was reduced(P<0.05), while the high group was the lowest (P<0.05). Model group, IL-10 compared with the normal group was significantly lower, three treatment groups compared with the model that IL-10 levels were increased (P<0.05), There is no significant difference among three treatment groups (P>0.05). Of NF-κBp65 protein expression showed that the small intestine, colon expression of both NF-κBp65, the expression of intestinal NF-κBp65 blank group was lower than the model group (P<0.01); QinXiang Anti-diarrhea three groups is lower than the model group(P<0.01).(4) QinXiang Anti-diarrhea effects on aquaporin 4 expression results show that the small intestine and colon are the expression of aquaporin 4. intestine aquaporin 4 was higher than model group (P<0.01), QinXiang Anti-diarrhea groups is higher than the model group(P<0.01).(5) QinXiang Anti-diarrhea effects on the intestinal Na+, K+-ATP enzyme results show that the model group Na+,K+-ATPase content was significantly lower than the normal group(P<0.01),Suggesting that Na+,K+-ATPase activity reduction is an important pathologic basis of Damp-heat diarrhea. QinXiang Anti-diarrhea groups compared with model group, Na+,K+-ATPase content is increased (P<0.05), especially the high group (P<0.05). QinXiang Anti-diarrhea effects on electrolytes showed that compared with normal group, serum Ca2+, K+ concentration of model group decreased (P<0.01); and compared with model group, Ca2+, K+ content significantly of QinXiang Anti-diarrhea groups increased(P<0.05).Results:(1)QinXiang Anti-diarrhea has better clinical efficacy on Damp-heat diarrhea. improving the burning, nausea and vomiting anal,pain and other symptoms of abdominal distension, which is superior to changkang tablet. The total effect and diarrhea, abdominal pain, the onset time of treatment group, were significantly better than changkang tablet group.According to clinical observations we didn’t find obvious side effects. The drugs sources are variety of, low cost, which is easily to be accedpted by patients. Clinical observations suggest that QinXiang Anti-diarrhea on Damp-heat diarrhea is safe and effective.(2)From the modeling results, from intestinal pathology changes, the content of inflammatory factors, diarrhea, heat index and the typical symptoms of diarrhea and other aspects of Damp-heat diarrhea rats are in agreement of the modern model of heat results.(3) from arrest of Damp-heat diarrhea and intestinal morphology, the three treatment groups were significantly lower than that of model group. Intestinal pathological changes of three treatment group were significantly improved compared with the model group. Suggesting QinXiang Anti-diarrhea has a significant effect of anti-diarrhea;(4)from the impact of inflammatory mechanisms, QinXiang Anti-diarrhea can significantly reduce the heat serum IL-1β, IL-6, TNF-αand increased IL-10, and much better than changkang tablet group. It is also can reduce NF-κBp65 protein in the intestinal mucosa, and ultimately achieve anti-inflammatory effects and treat Damp-heat diarrhea.(5)In the water and electrolyte metabolism, QinXiang Anti-diarrhea can affect aquaporin 4 expression on the small intestine and colon, and Na+,K+-ATP activity. Suggesting that the effects of QinXiang Anti-diarrhea on Damp-heat diarrhea effect mainly through the exchange of liquid water, improving intestinal permeability, serum electrolyte balance regulation to achieve regulation of intestinal fluid metabolism.

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