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Inhibition of DHA on Fe2+-dependent Growth of Cervical Cancer Cells and Anti-cancer Effect in DHA Combination with CDDP

Author: TangLin
Tutor: ZhangGuoZuo
School: Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course: Chinese Gynecology
Keywords: dihydroartemisinin cisplatin Cervical cancer cells growthinhibition pro-apoptosis
CLC: R737.33
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Objective Study the mechanism of Dihydroartemisin innhibit Hela cells growth and promote its apoptosis. Research on dihydroartemisinin Whether to inhibit Hela cell growth and promote its apoptosis.Methods This study using MTT chromatometry to test:(1) inhibition of Hela cells growth of dihydroartemisinin and cisplatin by different concentrations;(2) whether to Increase sensitivity combining dihydroartemisinin (ICio) with cisplatin;(3) whether have synergistic action dihydroartemisinin (IC20-IC50) combining cisplatin (IC20-IC50). Deferoxamine treatment to the Hela cell6hours later, different concentrations of dihydroartemisinin and dihydroartemisinin (IC50) were added;(4) the proliferation and inhibition of Hela cell.Appling cell cloning method to test the growth inhibition of dihydroartemisinin (IC20-IC50) and cisplatin (IC20-IC50) single and combination to treat the Hela cell. Using flow cytometry to test apoptosis rate of Hela cee after treat by single dihydroartemisinin (IC20-IC50)and cisplatin (IC20-IC50) or combination.Results (1) High concentration of dihydroartemisinin and cisplatin will inhibit the proliferation of Hela cell.(2)Combination of dihydroartemisinin IC10and cisplatin72hours later, there is no effect of inhibit the proliferation of Hela cell. dihydroartemisinin couldn’t enhance the effection of cisplatin (P>0.05).(3) The results of MTT colorimetric method show that there is no synergistic action of dihydroartemisinin (IC20-IC50) combing cisplatin (IC20-IC50)72hours later (P>0.05).(4)Deferoxamine treatment(0μmol/L、25μmol/L、100μmol/L、200μmol/L) to the Hela cell6hours later, the function of inhibit proliferation was depressed, Deferoxamine0μmol/L、25μmol/L、100μmol/L、200μmol/L act on the Hela cell78hours later, the survival rate of cells was decline along with the concentration reduction.(5) After pretreatment of Hela cell by deferoxamine (Oμmol/L、25μmol/L、100μmol/L、200μmol/L), the function of inhibit proliferation of dihydroartemisinin IC50was decreased along with the increasing concentration of deferoxamine.(6) Cell cloning method found that the function of inhibit Hela cell proliferation of combination of dihydroartemisinin (IC20-IC50) and cisplatin (IC20-IC50) were increased along with the increasing concentration.(7) After test the apoptosis results by flow cytometry,our team found that the early apoptosis rate were:(4.33±2.41,%)、(2.35±0.40,%) and (2.90±0.17,%) by using single and combination of dihydroartemisinin with cisplatin act on the Hela cell6hours later, no significant difference (P>0.05). The early apoptosis rate were:(2.55±0.29,%)、(5.38±0.41,%) and (7.15±0.47,%) by using single and combination of dihydroartemisinin with cisplatin act on the Hela cell24hours later, significant difference (P<0.05). The experiments leads to know:the longer cisplatin and drug combination act, the better function of inducing early apoptosis, it has significant difference between24hours and6hours (P<0.05). The early apoptosis rate of dihydroartemisinin actting on the Hela cell24hours later is lower than6hours,significant difference (P<0.05)Conclusions (1) Dihydroartemisinin have cytotoxic effect, inducing tumor cell apoptosis, so the prospect of application in the clinical treatment of cervical cancer are considerable.(2) Dihydroartemisinin resistance to tumor associated with iron ion within the tumor cells, combines dihydroartemisinin and transferrin, can make the ironion and dihydroartemisinin into tumor cells at the same time, the targeted anti-tumor effect.(3) Dihydroartemisinin can strengthen cisplatin, anti-tumor effect, a joint application in the clinical feasibility of cerical cancer treatment, reduce cisplatin dosage, reduce its side effects.

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