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On Reproduction of Aesthetic Effect in EST Translation

Author: WuDi
Tutor: HeJiangBo
School: Hunan University
Course: Translation
Keywords: EST EST translation aesthetic feeling reproduction
CLC: H315.9
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Since the1970s, EST has drawn great international attention and research. Itgreatly promotes the progress of productivity and the development of society. EST isusually used to describe facts, record experiments, demonstrate principles or exploretheories, and becomes one of the carriers of modern technology. Whether scientificpaper, science texts or technical texts, they all need to explain the scientific reasonclearly. However, the EST translators often ignore the aesthetic feeling duringtranslation practice. In fact, the aesthetic value is everywhere in the translation of ESTtexts. So how can we get rid of the traditional image of EST, which is a lways dull andsimple?Many people think that it is easier to reflect the aesthetic feeling during literarytranslation. The texts of literary translation are mostly novels, poetry, prose and othertypes of articles, which is used to express emotions or description, so the translator cannaturally pay attention to the aesthetic feeling in the translation. While the texts ofnon-literary translation are mostly serious and dull, so it is difficult to reflect theaesthetic feeling. EST translation belongs to non-literary translation. In the process oftranslation practice, the author of the thesis has translated lots of EST articles andfound that good science articles and translations also had beautiful charm. The authorthought that reading science articles and engaging in EST translation could not onlyincrease science knowledge and thinking ability, but obtain the enjoyment of beauty.Therefore, the research attempts to explore the reproduction of aesthetic effect in ESTtranslation from the perspectives of the beauty of accuracy, the beauty of logic and thebeauty of fluency and so on.The translator should review the translation from the reader‘s point of view. Thetranslator is both the reader of the source language and the target language. For thisreason, he or she should not only consider the reader‘s original aesthetic experience,but also beyond the reader‘s expectation so as to realize the meaning of science texts.The thesis aims to summarize the author‘s translation practice and refine the aestheticfeeling in EST translation and demonstrate it through examples. It is hoped the thesiscan provide more references for future research and practice on EST translation.

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