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Dancing Hair - on Wa dance beauty

Author: TangGuanZhen
Tutor: LiYongMing
School: Shaanxi Normal University
Course: Musicology
Keywords: Hair Culture Dancing with long hair Wa culture Wa dance Beautifu
CLC: J722.22
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Hairs, as a natural physiological phenomenon of people, can present a wealth of expression, when it is in different cultural areas. It can rise to the level of aesthetic that is a artistic elements to beautify. The Wa is a ethnic of singing and dacing, Girls stay fat since childhood, perennial wrap hair in the labor, the festival and daily life of its production, will unconsciously dancing. The Wa’s hair is culture surface symbols and dance elements, which dancing the beautiful of Wa. Although hair is only a subtle thing, but reach the Inner Meaning,"Flowers and the world, one grain of sand Buddha carries far" in a rich and long Wa cultural context.In this paper,"long hair" as the starting point, by describe the natural environment, material mode of production, the original religious festival, Wa customs of the Wa, specific analysis to study the attitude of long hair dancing in a different cultural category, peep the beautiful of Wa’s dancing. This paper is divided into four parts.The first part:the chapter II. In the context of Chinese culture, from political, artistic, emotional, slightly statement intended to illustrate:Hair natural phenomenon as the kind of people who in a different cultural context, carrying inner Meaning of, and then come out of the hair of special significance for the Chinese Wa.The second part:the chapter III of this paper which is the main part of the paper is divided into three section discusses. The first section discusses the relationship Wa natural ecological environment, material production, labor and dance, revealing three cultural vision Wa, dialectical relationship between unity. Black hair in Wa labor in dance-" Chung mortar Dance" dance to the United States, from the Fusion of the three-beyond the natural, labor of love, the art of sublimation, dialectical unity of the beauty of harmony; Section II, an overview of the content of the Wa original religious activities in its deep-rooted the original religious consciousness under the influence of the prevalence of the various ritual activities, are designed for people communicating with God wishes. Specific examples wooden drum festival, through worship, worship, dance, virtual-real-virtual ideas to convey the process to complete the exchange of man and God. Here, the reality of long hair is a primitive religion, was also blur the illusory exchanges of God, the real wishes of the people of the Wa dance illusory force, this willingness is beautiful, dancing hair that is this is a beauty in the aesthetic elements; Section III, overview Wa variety of customs, discusses the harmony of Wa people. Rejection hair dance financial love, tenderness, passion, as a whole, Wa folk dance in a wonderful, lovely long hair dancing the beautiful because of the situation.The third part:the Chapter IV, overview the modern dance form of long hair dancing of the Banna Dai dance and Western, revealing different cultural backgrounds, long hair dancing beauty was to highlight the hair Wa dance dancing personal charm.The fourth part:the Chapter V. Through reference the model of the formation mechanism of the minorities’ aesthetic argument, prove the ognitive and emotionally of the Wa dance is from "all things equal and friendly get along" and "all things harmonious development ", that reached a level of truth, goodness and beauty. It can be said that Wa is a beautiful national. Wa culture surface symbol, dance elements-long hair, that is an aesthetic point of this beauty a world know Wa, recognizing the sign of Wa dance.

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