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Study on the Culture of Jiaozhou Yangko

Author: ZhaoLei
Tutor: ZhangJiZhen
School: Shandong Institute of Physical Education and Sports
Course: Sports Education
Keywords: Jiaozhou JiaoZhouyangko culture
CLC: J722.211
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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JiaoZhou yangko, is rooted in the cultivation of JiWenHua JiaoZhou local XiaoXi, and so far,300years of history, spread in shandong around the country, and in state and local government’s care, in2006included in the first national nonmaterial cultural heritage list. It was born in local, active in the folk, really reflect the local people’s life, deeply the general people’s favorite. JiaoZhou yangko not only is the combination of folk, play the form, but also show JiaoZhou areas of the customs, JiWenHua clothes picture scroll. So the only fully understand the art of yangge JiaoZhou characteristics and sociality, and can better inherit the outstanding cultural treasures.This study comprehensive use of the literature material method, field investigation method and logic method, to our country JiaoZhou yangko the historical evolution, JiaoZhou yangko ontology characteristics, JiaoZhou yangko social performance, JiaoZhou yangko social features’ and function on the basis of understanding, the conclusions are as follows:(1) the evolution from the historical perspective, JiaoZhou yangge dancing in the late feudal society, Ming forget the change in war, clear the(2) JiaoZhou yangge dancing, the most significant characteristic is real farmers art. She initiation in rural, still save between rich and the pure agrestic breath, before liberation, from the coaches to actor, is the old farmer, and didn’t is most lower level of poor farmers. Their purpose is very simple, that is according to the mouth to eat for rice, the mixed learning and performance forms are KouChuanXinShou, the script is oral, writing, oral is JiaoZhou dialect, to understand popular, concise, simple structure, young and old are love, have a wide range of rural areas, are willing to reflect social Labour of farmers, the feudal marriage system common victim discontent, superstition of discontent, etc. It is a native of farmers’art, is inseparable from the topic to the farmers,"pure farmers" features will inherit, more to innovation.(3) Jiaozhou Yangko is grows under the fertile uneven cultural environment, is the traditional folk art, has the thick local breath, broad masses’s affection, can inherit deeply300years. Investigates its reason, is cannot separate with the Jiaozhou Yangko cultural characteristic and the cultural function. The Jiaozhou Yangko cultural characteristic, like the folk custom, is the place folk custom phenomenon, has reflected the Jiaozhou lives of the people, the moral character, the wisdom and the rich imagination, if the sociality, has reflected social group’s cultural pursue, if ornamental, receives everybody affection. The Jiaozhou Yangko mainly has the entertainment, the human relations, the society, the fitness, the education, esthetically and so on six big cultural functions, has manifested its existence value and the exuberant vitality.Attempts in to current our country Jiaozhou Yangko culture aspect systems, in the thorough understanding foundation and so on historical development, cultural characteristic, cultural characteristic and cultural function, had understood profoundly in the current Jiaozhou Yangko protection and the development condition and the question which exists in the protection and the developing process, to its development and use puts forward several proposals:(1) enlarge propaganda dynamics, passes celebrates a holiday the meeting, unfolds develops, traditional ways and so on the competition, lets the populace participation, but also has through the m media propaganda channel, builds the Jiaozhou Yangko culture atmosphere;(2) establishment effective operation pattern, namely the government leads, the society participation, the effective organization, the display enthusiasm, forms the joint effort, carries on the marketability operation;(3) enhancement Yangko troop constructs, raises the professional contingent "the leader", raises the folk "the new force", trains the elementary and middle school students "the reserve force";(4) enhancement innovation presses its development, the liberation tradition, the bold breakthrough, with the new cultural field of vision and the new esthetic appeal, pours into the spirit of the age and the vigor for it.This article after the Jiaozhou Yangko culture historical development, the cultural characteristic, the cultural characteristic and the function, the current protection and the development obtains aspects and so on result and existence question conducts the research, and to it proposed the development and use several suggestions, is for the purpose of for our country Jiaozhou Yangko culture inheriting and developing provides the beneficial reference.

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