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On the Marketing Process and Genre Analyses of Chinese Commercial Film

Author: ZhangJianMing
Tutor: ZhangFuGui
School: Jilin University
Course: Contemporary Chinese Literature
Keywords: Commercial Film Genre Commercial Blockbusters Industrialization
CLC: J943
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2013
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In the film history over the past hundred years, China has witnessed the ups anddowns of movie thoughts, the variety of films and the riches of historian films. Butthere is still virgin land to be developed for specialized system research oncommercial films. Chinese film has a deep tradition of realism, and to some extent, itrepresents the direction and artistic level of the Chinese film. However, in quantity,commercial films occupy an important position. In the past, due to various reasons,there is no emphasis on studies on the Chinese tradition and experience in commercialfilm, which is a shortcoming of Chinese cinema research. In the21st century, thecommercial film has not only become the general consensus of the public and the elitebut also the new mainstream film. Faced with the threats and challenges ofHollywood, Chinese commercial film must do something in order to keep a goodlocal domestic film market, expand international influence and open up ways to theworld. Therefore, this dissertation chooses the Chinese commercial films as itsresearch field, tries to adopt the viewpoint of interdisciplinary research, utilizes thepractice of commercial film as a base, and, finally explores the rise and fall as well asthe evolution law of Chinese commercial films, in order to give reference for thefurther development of Chinese commercial films.The overall structure of the thesis is composed of seven parts, includingintroduction, five chapters and the conclusion. In the introduction, the dissertationbegins with several concept, and proposes the problems and significance of the studyon the basis of the concept. Then it further clarifies the research ideas, paper structure,theoretical foundation and reference.The first chapter analyzes the early commercial films from the market,commercial operation, as well as narrative and other aspects. China’s earlycommercial films evolved from inception to growth, maturation and development,which is accompanied by both artistic exploration and pursuit as well asmarket-oriented business operation. China ’s first feature film have reached a veryhigh standard in the commercialized operations and narrative. Before1949, China was under the condition of commercial film market. With the Hollywood films occupyingmost of the market share, China struggled to survive and develop by virtue of thenarrative mode of facing the audience and with the premise of satisfying theaudience’s viewing pleasure. One of the important contributions of early commercialfilms is to establish a series of national characteristics of the film type. Commercialfilms, in essence as a viewer’s film, has to narrate to the audience. Some certaintypes of commercial films, in essence, is a contractual relationship between the movieand the audience after repeated run-in. The establishment of type has importantsignificance for the development of commercial films.The second chapter is the focus of this dissertation. From the perspective of thereform on the movie enterprise, it explores and summarizes the tortuous course of theconcept of commercial movie recovering as well as the return of movie entertainmentfunctions. Next, it clarifies the impact of marketing on the role of commercial films.Then it continues to explain the achievements of the commercial film renaissance.That is, based on upsurge of the China’ s commercial film, it indicates that the marketeconomy and the revival of film reform is the foundation of commercial films, andthat the changing of attitudes toward film, the focus on the audience for the body andthe development of a commercial films are key to sustainable development.The third part is also the focus of this dissertation. It explains the formation oflarge commercial in the new century, the rise of the historical background, and theachievements and innovations of several types of large representative. Further itclarifies the value of domestic commercial blockbusters and the strategies forsustainable development, indicating that screenplay planning should be emphasized,the star system with Chinese characteristics should be implemented, the technicallevel of filmmaking should be further improved, promotion and marketing should beput priority on, and that reasonable industrial structure should be established, whichare the important initiatives to sustainable development of the domestic commercialblockbusters.Chapter IV, starting from the era of globalization background, indicates that theimportant guiding significance for Chinese commercial film to be taken abroad andcross-culturally communicated. It further clarifies the channels and strategies ofChinese commercial movie to the world guided by integrating marketingcommunication, involving the strategy of integrating national culture and worldculture, the strategy of uniting commercial and artistic organically, the strategy of strengthening cooperation on film and “borrowed boat”, the strategy of focus on boththe local and the world, and promotion strategies of integrating comprehensivemarketing.The fifth chapter explores the ultimate goal of film marketing is to satisfy theaudience from the term of communication and marketing. It further elaborates ways toreach audiences satisfaction from perspective of the aesthetic relationship betweenmovie and the audience: First, it is acquainted with audience as well as adapted to theaudience; Second, it is both beyond the audience, but also improves the audience; thethird is to master the audience feedback, and create new adaptation. Finally, it revealsthat the audience satisfaction is the lifeblood of commercial films, and the increasedlevels of audience’s film culture is the decisive factor for the further prosperity of thecommercial film.In the conclusion, it recalls the development process and achievements ofChinese commercial film, sums up the experience of regularity and conclusions,answer questions raised in the introduction and look forward to the tasks andprospects for the future。

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