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  1. Research on Development of Ecological Tourism Industry of Xiangxi Autonomous State,ZhangWu/Jishou University,0/238
  2. Yelang Culture Tourism Development Strategy Research,ChenLing/Jishou University,0/124
  3. Xiangxi Citrus Industrialization Organization Pattern Study,DaiXianJun/Jishou University,0/26
  4. Hunan Railway Police Sports Lifestyle Research,LiuWei/Jishou University,0/36
  5. Study on Deaf-mute Students Classroom Participation in Sports and Physical Self-esteem in Xiangxi Special School,TianGuiLin/Jishou University,0/54
  6. Study on the Education of the Life Views about Contemporary College Students,TangSongPing/Jishou University,0/79
  7. Risk of Cirminal Law Theory Research,YaoZuo/Jishou University,0/51
  8. Research on the Criminalization of Prostitution Behavior,PengChangSheng/Jishou University,0/168
  9. Research on Criminal Protection of Personal Information in the Network Environment,LiZhongYi/Jishou University,0/143
  10. Study on the Legislation of the Crime of Money Laundering,SunWenZuo/Jishou University,0/46
  11. Analysis of the Sentencing Standardization,LiuQiong/Jishou University,0/76
  12. The Study of Land-lost Peasants's Ideological and Political Work,TanShuFang/Jishou University,0/39
  13. The Study of the Harmonious Rural Social Order,JiangKangXiang/Jishou University,0/22
  14. The Study on the Transition of the Identity of Baxdeibs of Miao People in Tujia-Miao Autonomous Prefecture of Xiangxi,XuAnPing/Jishou University,0/54
  15. Study on the system of the theory and practice of Xiangxi first Secretary of state migration of village Party Organization,SongYang/Jishou University,0/25
  16. Research on Ren Bishi's Thought during the Period of Anti-japanese War,YangZuoZuo/Jishou University,0/41
  17. Scholar of Wang Yangming' Philosophy Comment Etiquette,SuHongYang/Jishou University,0/27
  18. The Study on Cai Yuanpei's Nationalism Thoughts,ChaiShanShan/Jishou University,0/20
  19. Research and Relief in Hunan in the Song Dynasty Famine,SongHuiCong/Jishou University,0/34
  20. The Research of Classical Literature Masterpiece TV Adaptation in the Context of Consumer Culture,ShiZuo/Jishou University,0/59
  21. The Xiangxi Complex and History Reason in Shen Congwen's Prose Writing,YangHaiXia/Jishou University,0/147
  22. The Research on Innovation of Tourism Performing Art in Zhangjiajie Scenic Spot,WangGuangZuo/Jishou University,0/116
  23. Synthesis and Urease Inhibition Studies of Gallocatechin Isosteres,PengZhiYun/Jishou University,0/23
  24. Studies on Ecological Integrated Utilization of Dregs of Decoction of Polygonum Cuspidatum,ZhuJie/Jishou University,0/55
  25. The Research of the Plight of Climate Justice and the Rule of Law,ZhuZuoRan/Jishou University,0/44
  26. The game of mineral development and the protection of the ecological environment in Xiangxi Prefecture as an example,GaoYan/Jishou University,0/67
  27. The Construction of Ecological Philosophy of the Xiangxi State,ShiFeng/Jishou University,0/24
  28. Fermenting Ampelopsis Grossedentata Production Technology and the Research of the Formation Mechanism of Flavor,ZhaoYongBiao/Jishou University,0/85
  29. Extraction of Tea Seeds Protein and Antioxidant Activity of Its Hydrolysates,FengLei/Jishou University,0/90
  30. Study on the Extraction, Characteristic and Application of Sloanea Hemsleyana Seed Protein,HuangWei/Jishou University,0/50
  31. Treatment the Ion Exchange Water of Vanadium Extraction from Stone Coal and Separation-recovery Valuable Metals,ZhangChuanBao/Jishou University,0/42
  32. Preparation of High Purity Vanadium Pentoxide and Determination of P, Si and Al,XuHui/Jishou University,0/155
  33. Development and application of a new magnetic molecularly imprinted composite materials,LiuYuZuo/Jishou University,0/81
  34. Preparation and Application of Novel Imprinted Solid Extraction Materilas Based on Carbon Nanotubes Surface,ChenXing/Jishou University,0/98
  35. Preparation and Photoelectrocatalytic Activity of Titania-based Photoanode Coated on Foam Nickel,ZengMengXiong/Jishou University,0/44
  36. Preparation and Evaluation of Alkaloid Imprinted Polymers,LiZuoZhuo/Jishou University,0/64
  37. Study on the Determination of Nb in Niobium-Tantalum Ore by Spectophotometry,WangYing/Jishou University,1/0
  38. Study on the Preparation and Modification of Anode Material Li4Ti5O12 for Lithium-ion Batteries,MaiFaRen/Jishou University,0/90
  39. Preparation of Mn3O4and its Adsorption Property,LiChangAn/Jishou University,0/85
  40. Plasticity of Echolocation Calls of Two Kinds of Bats in Different State and Habitat Complexity,LiYanLi/Jishou University,0/25
  41. Research on Dormancy and Germination Physiology in Barnyard Grass and Lettuce Seeds,SongBingYan/Jishou University,0/69
  42. Study on Eco-physiological Adaptation of Dolichomitriopsis Diversiformis (Mitt.)Nog. under Desiccation Stress,DuXiao/Jishou University,0/34
  43. Seven bit quantum channel coding and error correction,ChenZuo/Jishou University,0/14
  44. Study on the Rural Financial Development in the Ethnic Areas in Xiangxi,ZhangWeiZuo/Jishou University,0/2
  45. Study of Development of Private Finance in Xiangxi,HuHanLiang/Jishou University,0/2
  46. Commercial Bank Management Innovation Research Based on the Process,FengYi/Jishou University,0/7
  47. The Reform of Rural Credit Cooperative in Minority Areas,ZhangZhiFa/Jishou University,0/1
  48. An Analysis on Non-Economic Factors of Trading Behavior in Periodic Market of Minority Areas,LiZiJuan/Jishou University,0/68
  49. Ethnic Minority Areas of Tourism Industry in the Interest of Conflicts of Interest Associated with Coordination,HuangZeHu/Jishou University,0/1
  50. Marketing Strategy Study of creating international famous tourism brand of Zhangjiajie tourism market internationalization based on the perspective of the,YiFeng/Jishou University,0/1

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