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Preparation and Evaluation of Alkaloid Imprinted Polymers

Author: LiZuoZhuo
Tutor: LiHui
School: Jishou University
Course: Analytical Chemistry
Keywords: molecular imprinting berberine hydrochloride nicotine morpholine
CLC: O647.3
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Molecular imprinting is a new and potential separation technique for preparatingspecialized recognition chromatography media。 However, compared with naturalantibody, MIP can be easily prepared in large quantities and it also showed much higherstability even under extreme conditions. For these reasons, many studies have beenfocused on the application of MIP in solid phase extraction, chromatographic separation,biosensors, antibody mimicking and catalyzing reactions.The simple way of separation from herb medicine was abserved, and the contentsof available composition of alkaloids were analysed validly.Chose the berberinehydrochloride, nicotine, morpholine which is closely related to human activities astemplate Synthetic polymers, respectively as HPLC stationary phase and solid phaseextraction study on separation and enrichment of relative biological active ingredients.This study designed three kinds of molecularly imprinted polymer, a molecularlyimprinted polymer placed in a gas environment assay, in the different reactions wereinvestigated its catalytic properties and the specific selective, following experimentswere carried on.(1)Berberine-Cl imprinted polymer was synthesized on silica-gel particle as asacrificed material by using berberine-Cl as template, MAA or4-VP, EDMA and AIBNas function monomer, cross-linker and initiator, respectively. Polymer particle size wasobserved by optical microscope and its rebinding behavior to template investigated byIR spectrum and static adsorption of berberine-Cl on polymers. Results indicated ahigher rebinding ability of Mip prepared by using MAA as functional monomer than byusing4-VP. This selective rebinding of template on the Mip resulted from specificaffinity sites complementary to template in size, shape and functional group. Also,dissociation constants and maximum adsorption amount of two types of adsorption siteson Mip were obtained by Scatchard analysis.(2)Synthesis, characterization and adsorption behavior of nicotine molecularlyimprinted polymer(MIP) toward nicotine in solution and tobacco smoking wasinvestigation in present work. Morphologic Structure and surface character ofmolecularly imprinted polymer was measured by Thermo Gravimetric Analyzer (TGA)and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM). Liquid Chromatogram (LC) and Gaschromatography-Mass spectrometry (GC-MS) was used to qualitatively andquantitatively analyze the chemical composition changes before and after MIPadsorption, the adsorption thermodynamic and selectivity for this MIP was alsoinvestigated. The result showed that the MIP can selectivity adsorp nicotine with aselectivity coefficient of2.275for nicotine toward pyridine, a△H value of3.516kJ mol-1indicated a endothermic adsorption process. The adsorption rate for nicotine byMIP, NIP and Silica Gel as adsorbent from tobacco smoking are94.81%,94.04%and66.19%. It demonstrated the polymer had higher absorption capacity to the nicotine intobacco smoking.(3)Using molecular imprinting technique to morpholine as a template, and cobaltion complexes four vinylpyridine as functional monomers synthesized specificrecognition performance cobalt ligand molecular imprinted polymers, experimentaltemplate molecule and polymerizationthe proportion of the functional monomer to formcomplexes, complexing metal ions, the reaction time, conditions for the selection andoptimization. Molecularly imprinted polymers were characterized by scanning electronmicroscopy, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, high performance liquidchromatography method. The results show that: the template with functional monomersmolar ratio of1:4when the equilibrium adsorption amount; holding the template withfunctional monomers, the molar ratio unchanged,0.6mmol of the cobalt ionconcentration is lower than0.3mmol adsorption effect of the imprinted polymer wasprepared, add2mmol crosslinker better than1mmol crosslinker polymers preparedadsorption effect, select the best template-monomer-metal ion ratio, fixed amount ofcrosslinking agent, and the reaction for20hours compared with16hours Preparation ofthe polymer The equilibrium adsorption capacity is greater.

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