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  1. A Study on the Phonology of Baibiguan Dialect in Xiaoyi City, Shanxi Province,SongXiaoLi/Jishou University,0/64
  2. Research on Xun Zi’s Emendation and Exegesis by Wang Niansun,Yu Yue and Sun Yirang,YuanZuo/Jishou University,0/2
  3. The Research of the China’s Network Catchwords in the View of Subculture,NingShanShan/Jishou University,0/1
  4. Lexical Studies on Gui Qian Zhi,LiJing/Jishou University,0/7
  5. Lexical Studies on Shaoshi Wen Jian Lu,LiuXueJuan/Jishou University,0/4
  6. Comparison of Tetrasyllabic Words in Chinese and Miao Language,ZhuXueMei/Jishou University,0/60
  7. Lexical Studies on Fengshi Wen Jian Ji,HuXia/Jishou University,0/81
  8. From "Wenxuan Note" and "Shuowen Injection Injection" Look "and" Use of Exegetical Terms,ZuoNing/Jishou University,0/99
  9. Study on Standardized Form of Chinese Characters and Vulgar Characters in the Zi Jian,PengZuo/Jishou University,0/2
  10. Study on the Grapheme and Calligraphy of Qin Bamboo Text Collection of Yuelu Academy (Volume1),ZuoZhenQu/Jishou University,0/97
  11. Study on the Language and Characters of Qin Bamboo Text Collection of Yulu Academy(Volume1),QiuLiang/Jishou University,0/148
  12. The Study about Panhu’s Image in Folk Narrative of Miao Nationality in Xiangxi,ChenJie/Jishou University,0/123
  13. Research on Folk Songs of Tujia Nationality in Western Hunan Life Topics,ZhuJiJun/Jishou University,0/164
  14. Research about Xiangxi(Western Munan) King of Eight Tribals Legend,JinJing/Jishou University,0/11
  15. The Study about Creation Myth of Tujia Nationality in Xiangxi,ZhouSongWei/Jishou University,0/1
  16. The Research on the Heroic Image of the Tujia Myths and Legends,ZengMing/Jishou University,0/9
  17. The Study of Boat Ballads of Youshui River,XiangXiaoXia/Jishou University,0/65
  18. The Study on Gender Consciousness of Qiaonv Stories,JinFeng/Jishou University,1/84
  19. Study on the Fan Culture of Internet Novel Community,LeiHuiLing/Jishou University,0/265
  20. The Aesthetic Research of Contemporary the Poetry of the Underlying Work,WangYanJun/Jishou University,0/58
  21. Study on the Poem with Painting in "Complete Collection of Tang",ZuoLiHan/Jishou University,0/6
  22. The Arrangement and Research on Liu Yongji’s Unpublished Poetry,ZhouYuGe/Jishou University,0/4
  23. An Exegetic Study on Yu Xingwu’s a New License for the Book of Odes by Zeluoju,LiYuPing/Jishou University,0/7
  24. The Exegetical Research of Maoshizhuanjiantongshi,LiLingLing/Jishou University,0/76
  25. On the Study of the Book of Songs by Wen Yiduo,ZhaoXiuQin/Jishou University,0/201
  26. Qing Qian Miao Zhuzhici Folk Research on the Culture Connotation and Value,YangLe/Jishou University,0/7
  27. Local writer's cultural consciousness and literary expression of contemporary Xiangxi writers as an example,LiuZhi/Jishou University,0/133
  28. Uniqueness Research on Xiangxi’s Image of Shen Congwen,YangChun/Jishou University,0/12
  29. Study on Personal View of Shen Congwen,DengXin/Jishou University,0/121
  30. A Study on the Theory of "Talents and Insights" in Qing Dynasty,ShangZuo/Jishou University,0/5
  31. On Motif of Exorcism by Heroes in Ancient Greek Myths,ChenJing/Jishou University,0/7
  32. On the Autonomy of Art in the Background of Modernity,ZhengHuaiYuan/Jishou University,0/84
  33. Studies of the View of the Author in the Context of Modernity and Postmodernity,HuoFangFang/Jishou University,0/87
  34. Separation and Analysisi of Components in Beihua,ZhangCiHai/Jishou University,0/0
  35. Study on the Technology of Extraction and Puriifcation of Lignans and Pinoresinol Diglucoside in Eucommia Uhnoides Oliv,LvQiang/Jishou University,0/1
  36. Study on Thermal Analysis of the Barks, Leaves and Several Active Ingredients of Eucommia Ulmoides Oliv.,GuoManMan/Jishou University,0/1
  37. Sinomenine Based Molecular Structure Modification Research,LiYong/Jishou University,0/101
  38. Biodiversity of Culturable Bacteria Associated with Crassostrea Hongkongensis from the Tidal Flat of Naozhou Island,XiaoJianQing/Jishou University,0/2
  39. Biodiversity of Culturable Bacteria Associated with a Atrina Pectinata Collected from of the Tidal Flat of Naozhou Island,ZhuZuoYi/Jishou University,0/3
  40. Relationship between the Capsule and OmpH of Avian Pasteurella multocida C48-3and Their Pathogenicity,ZhangYuFeng/Jishou University,0/5
  41. Construction and Characterization of a SpaA Gene Knock-out Mutant of Erysipelothrix Rhuriopathiae C43065,LiuDanDan/Jishou University,0/11
  42. Study on the Technology of Detoxification of Rapeseed Meal and Preparation of the Chicken Feed with Eucommia Ulmoides and Detoxification Rapeseed Meal,LanWenJu/Jishou University,1/92
  43. Effect of the Induction of Taxus Chinensis Var. Mairei Redifferentiation Callus and Buds to Accumulate of Paclitaxel,ZhangXiangYu/Jishou University,0/145
  44. Breeding of Transgenic Actinidia by Twin T-DNA Binary Vectors with Storability and Its Adjustability Research,LiuYi/Jishou University,0/0
  45. Breeding of Transgenic Actinidia with High-resistance and Storability and Its Adjustability Research,YuanPing/Jishou University,0/54
  46. The Contents of Huperzine, Cloning and Funational Characteirzation of LDC Gene Involved in the Biosynthesis of Huperzine A of Huperzia Serrata from Western Hunan,DuCi/Jishou University,0/0
  47. Comparative Study of Rhizosphere Micro-ecological Environments of Huperzia serrata and Dryopteris fuscipes,XiaoYanHong/Jishou University,0/0
  48. Effects of Light Quality on the Growth, Photosynthesis and Accumulation of Secondary Metabolism in Gynostemma Pentaphyllum,LiZuoZuo/Jishou University,0/135
  49. Isolating and Characteirzation of ACC Deaminase-contaning Rhizobacteira and Endophytic Bacteira from Eucommia Ulmoides and Gynostemma Pentaphyllum,GongFengJuan/Jishou University,0/252
  50. On the Cultural Cause of Chemical Fertilizer Misuse in MaShan Area,NongRenFu/Jishou University,1/47

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