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  1. Modification of Dye-Sensitised Solar Cells by Carbon Mateirals,LiLeiYong/Jishou University,0/63
  2. Study on the Solid-State Synthesis and Modification of Spinel Lithium Manganate,LiuJinLian/Jishou University,0/133
  3. Quantum Dynamical Investigation of Micro-nano Optomechanical System,ChenHuaJun/Jishou University,0/146
  4. Study on the Artificial Aging Technology of the Savory Vinegar,HuangZuo/Jishou University,0/100
  5. The Cultural of Ginger Sugar in Fenghuang Xiangxi,ZhengYu/Jishou University,0/112
  6. Extracting Vanadium from Stone Coal by Oxidizing Acid Leaching and Vanadium Residue Comprehensive Utilization,HuaJun/Jishou University,0/181
  7. Research on the development of circular economy in mining based on Xiangxi state,LiuHaiYan/Jishou University,0/101
  8. Preparation and Application of Novel Impirnted Polymers Based on Carbon Nanotubes Surface,YangZuo/Jishou University,0/171
  9. Study on Nano-composite Imprinted Electrochemical Sensor,LuoLiJuan/Jishou University,0/206
  10. The Extraction and Separation Techniques of Gallic Acid from Acer Ginnala Maxim Leaves,QiuLiang/Jishou University,0/128
  11. The Extraction, Separation of Piceid from Cultivated Polygonum Cuspidatum and Preliminary Study on Its Anti-aging,ChenShuang/Jishou University,0/130
  12. Study on Preparation and Properties of Biodiesel from Cormus Wilsoniana in Western Hunan Region,WenXiao/Jishou University,0/52
  13. Extraction of Tea Seed Oil and Preparation Biodiesel from Tea Seed Oil,PengZhongZuo/Jishou University,0/214
  14. Degradation Mechanism and Mateiral Behaviors Analysis of the Inclusion Complexes of Sinomenine to Cyclodextrins,ZhuShiLong/Jishou University,1/199
  15. Separation of active ingredients in spiranthessinensis,WuDaoHong/Jishou University,0/50
  16. Extraction, Separation, Antioxidant Activities and Anti-microbial Activities of Effective Component Rfom Equisetum Hiemale L.,ZhangJunSheng/Jishou University,0/97
  17. Study on Extraction Process of Huperzine a from Huperzia Serrata and Pilot Scale Experiment,LiJun/Jishou University,0/182
  18. Study on Preparation and Properties of Methyl-esterification Tung Oil-Modified Water Polyurethane Emulsion,XuTingWang/Jishou University,1/119
  19. The Study on the Industiralization of Biological Medicine Resources in Zhangjiajie,XiangNa/Jishou University,0/82
  20. Study on the Process Condition for the Pyrolusite Preparing Manganic-manganous Oxide by Wet Restoring,ShiZuo/Jishou University,0/116
  21. Photocatalytic Activity of the Cerium Doped TiO2-Outerloaded Activated Carbon Composites Prepared,ChenWei/Jishou University,0/115
  22. Synthesis and Optical Properties of the First Generation Unsymmetrical Conjugate Dendrimers,WuJianHua/Jishou University,0/41
  23. Development and application of new materials for the core-shell imprinted polymer,ZhangMingLei/Jishou University,0/114
  24. Ion Associating Spectrophotometric Determination of Trace Cadmium,ZengYun/Jishou University,0/84
  25. Study on the Determination of Micro Molybdenum in Ni-mo Ore by Spectophotometry,YaoKangKang/Jishou University,0/123
  26. Flora Characteristics and Plant Adaptability to Representative Valley Habitat in Northwest of Hunan,XuLiang/Jishou University,0/93
  27. Study on Identification and Secondary Metabolites of Anti-microbial Activities Actinomycete JMC06001,HeJianWu/Jishou University,0/100
  28. Diversity of Endophytic Fungi in the Rhizoma of Curcuma Lortga and Biotransformation of Curcumin by Endophytic Fungus Diaporthe sp.,ShuLang/Jishou University,0/127
  29. Molecular Ecotoxicological Effects of Typical Persistent Toxic Substances in Bellamya Aeruginosa,PengJinYing/Jishou University,0/72
  30. Ecotoxicological Effects of CuO Nanoparticles on Benthic Macroinvertebrate Bellamya Aeroginosa,LiuJia/Jishou University,0/82
  31. Directional Radiation in Phononic Crystals,ShenFengFu/Jishou University,0/96
  32. Research on the Control of Acoustic Wave by Two-Dimensional Sonic Crystals,LiBo/Jishou University,0/109
  33. Property Research AZO and AZO/Cu/AZO Thin Films Prepared by Radio-frequency Magnetron Sputtering,ChenLinXi/Jishou University,0/57
  34. The Quantum Entanglement And Anti-Bunching Effect in T-C Model,YiJian/Jishou University,0/21
  35. Research on Features and Application of Superconducting Qubits in Cavity QED,PengJun/Jishou University,0/28
  36. Dynamics of Atoms Interacting with Optical Field under the Non-markovian Approximation,DingBangFu/Jishou University,0/67
  37. Research on Properties of a Microresonator in Whispering-gallery Cavity System,LiXiaoJuan/Jishou University,0/146
  38. Solitary Waves in One-dimensional Nonlinear Lattice Models,DengZuoQun/Jishou University,0/33
  39. Research of Multi-Access Quantum Communication Protocol,WangPengPeng/Jishou University,0/81
  40. Security Analysis of Continuous-vairable Quantum Cryptogram Communication Protocols Based on Beam Splitter,ZhouFang/Jishou University,0/75
  41. Culture Research of the Contemporary Chinese Entertainment,ChenWenMin/Jishou University,3/512
  42. Research on Industrial Taxation in National Area,QinJiHong/Jishou University,0/162
  43. A Study on the Present State and Strategy of the Agriculturalists Physical Education Development in Xiangxi Region,WanYi/Jishou University,5/700
  44. Making Widely Known of Human, Subject in Moral Inerization,ZhaoJingBo/Jishou University,3/215
  45. Study on the Biological Characteristics of a Resveratrol -Producing Fungus B-39 and Dual Culture of Fungus and Suspension Polygonum Cuspidatum Cell,TangYongHong/Jishou University,0/122
  46. The Core Value of the "Xiangxi" Tourism Brand Assets and the Study about It’s Competitive Strategy,HuangZuo/Jishou University,2/678
  47. The Conflicts and Adjustment in the Development of Rural Tourism,TanWeiHua/Jishou University,1/530
  48. Folk Physical Education Curriculum Resource Development and Utilization of Rural Middle School,XiongJingMei/Jishou University,9/827
  49. Machine Replication and Artistic Destiny,PengGuangLin/Jishou University,1/382
  50. The Study of the Relationship between Moral Exuviate, Moral Internalization and Moral Externalization,LiuRenGui/Jishou University,3/215

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