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  1. Study on the Traditional Filial Piety of Tujia Ethnic Group and Its Contemporary Value,XiangYang/Jishou University,1/136
  2. Ecological Anatomy and Comparative Embryology Studies on Swertia Bimaculata (Sieb.et Zucc.) Hook.f.et Thoms.ex C.B.Clarke and Tripterospermum Discoideum (Marq.) H.Smith (Gentianaceae),LongHua/Jishou University,1/154
  3. The Difficulty in Ecological Restoration of Rocky Desertification Zone and Its Cultural Countermeasures,TianHong/Jishou University,2/216
  4. Xiangxi Autonomous ethnic integration and promotion of aerobics,ZhuXiaoHong/Jishou University,1/351
  5. Research on the Establishment of Technical Hierarchy for National Traditional Minority Athletes,LuShengHua/Jishou University,2/321
  6. Western Hunan National Tradition Sports Reorganization and Protection Research,LiYuWen/Jishou University,0/674
  7. The Analysis of the National Institutional Ethics on "Miao and Other Nations Living in Peace",SuShengPing/Jishou University,0/94
  8. Study on the Modernity of Shen Congwen’s Literary Theory,LinTie/Jishou University,0/280
  9. Study of Protectivity of Capsular Proteins, out Membrane Proteins and Recombinant Cpm39 Protein of Avain Pasteurella Multocida Cultured in Vivo and in Vitro,YanFang/Jishou University,0/105
  10. Research on Cultural Measures of Biological Pollution Control,YangCheng/Jishou University,0/137
  11. Xiangxi Huperzia serrata population distribution pattern of,YangWeiBo/Jishou University,0/132
  12. Preparation and Application of Novel Molecularly Imprinted Electrochemical Sensors,HuYuFang/Jishou University,0/157
  13. Research on the Harmonious Development of Ideological and Political Education about Current Students From"triple Differences" Dimensions,HuangGuiQin/Jishou University,0/34
  14. Xuefeng "Broken Neck Long" Living Situation and Development Strategy,YuanXiaoLing/Jishou University,0/75
  15. Marx’s Theory of the Body,Zhang/Jishou University,0/64
  16. Research on Liu Shaoqi’s Regime Construction Thought Which is Since the Founding of the People’s Republic of China,QinHaiRong/Jishou University,0/43
  17. Thoughts and Contemporary Value on Deng Xiaoping’s National Unity in the Southwest,WuXiaoDong/Jishou University,0/23
  18. Legal Protection of Patients’ Right in Medical Injury,WangEnHou/Jishou University,0/53
  19. The Research of Probation System in China Under the Fair Value Maximization Orientation,LiuXiangRong/Jishou University,0/40
  20. Chinese "bu A Bu B" Format of the Generation and Development,YuanTianZuo/Jishou University,0/120
  21. Phonetic Study of Southwest Hunan Suantang Dialect,XieLing/Jishou University,0/57
  22. Duan Yu Cai’s Understanding of the Regulations of "Zi Xu" and "Buxu" in the Book of " Shuo Wen Jie Zi",LiuZhiJun/Jishou University,0/93
  23. Research on Parody Phenomenon in Movie and TV during New Period of China,GongFangMin/Jishou University,0/109
  24. Study on Colonizational Migration and Ecological Transmutation in Mingqin during Qing Dynasty,BaiJianYin/Jishou University,0/41
  25. Moral Interest of Dimensions,XuJinPing/Jishou University,0/52
  26. Preparation of Aucubin and Research on Antioxidant Constituents from the Leaves of Eucommia Ulmoides Oliv.,PengSheng/Jishou University,1/157
  27. Research on the Agricultural Ecologicalization in China on the Horizon of Land Ethic,ZhouHongGuo/Jishou University,0/35
  28. Non salt creek nature reserve and salt in soil bacteria diversity of halophilic,ChenQiHui/Jishou University,0/47
  29. Xiangxi stone coal complex salt roasting low acid leaching of vanadium ion exchange enrichment,GaoFeng/Jishou University,0/162
  30. Theoretical Investigation of Optical Properties of a Coupled System with A Whispering-Gallery Micro-cavity,BaiJiangXiang/Jishou University,1/74
  31. Ecotoxicological Effects of BDE-47 Based on Bellamya Aeroginosa,ZhouKe/Jishou University,1/59
  32. Study on Brand Building of Daxiangxi Tourism from the Perspective of Industrial Convergence,WangZhongYun/Jishou University,1/459
  33. Study on Dragon Dancing Impact on Male Undergraduates’ Heart Morphology and Function,LiMouTao/Jishou University,0/38
  34. Study on the Exploitation of the Spiritual Motivation in Ideological and Political Education,LiCe/Jishou University,0/78
  35. A Study of the Shape of Characters on Bamboo Slips of the Qin Dynasty from Longgang,WangLu/Jishou University,0/94
  36. Western Hunan Tujia, Miao and Nutritional Status of Middle School Students and Their Social Environment Factors,WenLiZhong/Jishou University,2/137
  37. Technological Innovation and Tourism Industry,YangQin/Jishou University,1/263
  38. On the Forestry Contract on woodland property maintenance functions,WuShengJun/Jishou University,1/147
  39. Construction of Cultural Carriers of Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities,LiaoJinXiang/Jishou University,4/517
  40. Research on the Independence of Lawyers,XiangMing/Jishou University,0/157
  41. On Shen Cong Wen’s Thought of Aesthetic Education,LiuXiangYun/Jishou University,1/113
  42. The Comparison of Some Grammatical Phenomena between Shijing and Its Commentaries,JiangShanLi/Jishou University,0/71
  43. Studies on the Theory of Chinese Film Adaptation,MaoPanYun/Jishou University,0/211
  44. Discussion on Ecological Promotion of the Contemporary Practice,ZuoHuiYuan/Jishou University,0/30
  45. On the Function of the Moral Will in Moral Exuviate,ZhuQing/Jishou University,0/65
  46. Preparation and Synergistic Photocatalytic Activity of Nano-TiO2-based Composite Powder and Supported Materials,MaMingYuan/Jishou University,1/83
  47. Preparation and Application of Novel Molecularly Imprinted Materials,LiuLi/Jishou University,0/140
  48. Optical Properties of Semiconductor Heterostructures,LiMin/Jishou University,0/108
  49. Diversity of Culturable Bacteria Associated with the Sea Urchin Hemicentrotus Pulcherrimus from Naozhou Island in South China Sea,HuangKe/Jishou University,0/53
  50. Plant Diversity Characteristics and Ecological Adaptation to Canyon Special Microhabitat in North Western Hunan, China,DengTao/Jishou University,0/119

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