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  1. Chang-zhu-tan Xiang Jiang River Scenic Belt, Three Research on Mass Sports and Fitness,LiLingLing/Jishou University,0/10
  2. Research on Present Development Situation and Countermeasures of SME Enterprise Sports in Changsha Economic Development Zone,XuJinMing/Jishou University,0/6
  3. Enshi Township Community of Tujia in Older Women Fitness Study Activities Status and Its Influence Factors,LiChunLi/Jishou University,0/67
  4. Cultivation and Research on Competitive Sports Reserved Talents in Changde City,YangYu/Jishou University,0/90
  5. The Inlfuence on the Development of Rural National Traditional Sports Activities Effected by Labor Transfermation in Xiang-xi Area,WuQiuLai/Jishou University,0/122
  6. An Analysis to Current Situation and Countermeasure of Farmers Sports Discipline Project in Cheng Du,ZhangHongWei/Jishou University,0/152
  7. Research in Western Miao Village Sports,GaoJingFei/Jishou University,0/169
  8. The Research on the Competition Project Settings of Traditional Sports Games of the National Minority,SongDiTao/Jishou University,0/209
  9. Xiangxi District Students’ Physical Exercise and Subjective Happiness,WeiZuo/Jishou University,0/10
  10. Investigation and Analysis on the current situation of College Students Volleyball League in Hunan Province in 2012,YeHuanXin/Jishou University,0/8
  11. Xiangxi Vocational College of "Sports and Health" Curriculum Present Situation Investigation and Analysis,HuangZhen/Jishou University,0/3
  12. Wuling Mountainous Area College Sports Venues Resources Management Development Research,HuYiJun/Jishou University,0/2
  13. Study on health risk behaviors of minority preparatory college students in Colleges and universities in Hunan Province,XieChaoJie/Jishou University,0/6
  14. Investigations to the West the Special Features of Minority Nationalities Village Construction and Traditional Sports Culture Development Research,XiangXinJian/Jishou University,0/1
  15. Hunan Province Ordinary University National Traditional Sports Elective Course Teaching Present Situation Investigation and Analysis,ChengYuanMing/Jishou University,0/1
  16. The Research on Implementation and Countermeasures of the Sunshine Sports in Hunan’s Colleges and Universities,YangYongHua/Jishou University,0/2
  17. Investigation and Analysis on Sports Patricipation of Postgraduates in Hunan Province,CaiKai/Jishou University,0/2
  18. The Hunan College Sports Graduate Management Introduced Risk Management,LiuZuo/Jishou University,0/1
  19. Two Different Intensity Hmong Encouraged College Students Some of the Physiological and Biochemical Indicators,TangBaiXu/Jishou University,0/52
  20. Hunan Medical College Spotrs Teaching Present Situation and Countermeasure Research,TanXiaoWei/Jishou University,0/61
  21. Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture Track and Field Sports Training Amateur Who Present Situation Investigation and Study,LiuLing/Jishou University,0/73
  22. Xiangxi Amateur Sports School Coaches Team Current Situation Investigation and Countermeasure Research,LiuXuan/Jishou University,0/96
  23. Higher School Physical Education Teachers Huaihua Body Health Research,ZhouZhiJuan/Jishou University,0/120
  24. General studies curriculum teaching present situation and Countermeasures of Henan college sports,WangYuanYuan/Jishou University,0/118
  25. Higher Vocational Schools in Hunan Province Sports School-based Curriculum Development Present Situation and Countermeasure Research,LiuShiXia/Jishou University,0/128
  26. Physical Education Major in Colleges and Universities in Hunan Province National Folk Sports Curirculum Development Present Situaiton and Countermeasure Research,PanZhi/Jishou University,0/200
  27. Research on Current Situation of Sports Activities of the University in Hunan Province and Management,DengYuan/Jishou University,0/245
  28. The Research on Present Situation and Countermeasure of Physical Education in the West of Hunan Province,WuYueHeng/Jishou University,0/327
  29. Oirentation "Professional Ability" of High Vocational Physical Education Teaching Reform Research,ChenQing/Jishou University,2/475
  30. The Research of Teaching Yoga Elective Courses and Countermeasures in General Institutes of Higher Education in Changzhutan,YuChuanShi/Jishou University,1/217
  31. Study on Comparison of Urban and Rural Miao Students’ Physique from13to15Years Old in Jishou City,YuLei/Jishou University,0/9
  32. Xuchang9-12Year-old City Resident Children Compared with the Physical Condition of the Children Left Behind in Rural Areas,WangZuo/Jishou University,0/10
  33. Analysis on the Distribution Features of the Subcutaneous Fat and Somatotype Influencing Factors of Miao Students Aging from12to14in Shaoyang City,ZhouWei/Jishou University,0/4
  34. Weight Lifting to10,12Years Old Young Constitutional Condition of Impact Study,GaoChuanWei/Jishou University,0/40
  35. The Study of Physical Condition and Influence Factors of the Rural Letf-behind Children between9to12Years Old in Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture,ZhaoShanTao/Jishou University,0/196
  36. On the Spread and Promotion of He Long’s Thoughts of Physical Education in the Western Region of Hunan Province,LiZuo/Jishou University,0/40
  37. 2000-2010 years of national traditional sports master degree thesis bibliometric study,LuoXiangYu/Jishou University,0/127
  38. Study on the Development Comparison of Three Commercial Fitness Club in Guangzhou, Changsha, Guiyang,LiHongJun/Jishou University,0/217
  39. The Research on Middle School Students’ Health Related Behavior of the Tujia and Miao Nationality in Western Hunan Province,ZhengLi/Jishou University,0/73
  40. Study of Zhuzhou City Vocational College Students in Hunan province the level of physical fitness and physical exercise behavior,ChenShouGuo/Jishou University,0/1
  41. Research on the Frustration Education in Higher Vocational Colleges,OuYangXiaoZuo/Jishou University,0/7
  42. The Application Research of Human-Oriented Ideology in Ideological and Political Education of Senior Professional College,LiLiHua/Jishou University,0/250
  43. Hunan College Golf Professional Student Employment Situation and Countermeasure Research,GaoYaQin/Jishou University,0/1
  44. College Students in Western Hunan BMI Classificaiion and Comparative Study of Differences in Lifestyle,YangYe/Jishou University,0/52
  45. Research on the Countermeasures of Ideological Education for College-Graduates Working as "Village Official",XiaoLangKun/Jishou University,0/76
  46. The Contemporary University Students "Four Life" Education Research,LiuLi/Jishou University,0/90
  47. Research on Hu Jintao’s Moral Thought,ChenJie/Jishou University,0/98
  48. The Applied Research University’s Idelogical and Political Education about Psychological Consult Way,XieYuanYing/Jishou University,0/7
  49. The Basic Thinking of Faithfulness to the Marxism on College Students,LuCuiHua/Jishou University,0/7
  50. Actual Effect Research on Social Practice of College Student,WangShuJuan/Jishou University,0/2

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