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Study on Deaf-mute Students Classroom Participation in Sports and Physical Self-esteem in Xiangxi Special School

Author: TianGuiLin
Tutor: ZhouDaoPing
School: Jishou University
Course: Humane and Sociological Science of Sports
Keywords: XiangXi autonomous prefecture Special education schools TheClassroom sports participation Deaf-mute students Physical self-esteem
CLC: G807
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Sports activities are students in the school physical education classteaching time for physical exercise activities, it is one of the primary and middle schoolcompulsory course, is a basic organization form of middle and primary school sports."Life is movement", not only applicable to normal, more appropriate for people withdisabilities, sport is foundation and effective means of recovery. Disabled people toparticipate in sports activities, reasonable physical exercise, can not only enhancephysical fitness, promote the body rehabilitation, also can promote the healthydevelopment of moral education, intellectual education and aesthetic education, help thedisabled children rehabilitation psychology, to overcome low self-esteem, buildconfidence, out of the closed, fit into society. Physical self-esteem is closely related tothe social evaluation of different aspects of the individual self body satisfied orunsatisfied feeling, is a part of the overall self-esteem earliest sprout, is an importantmaterial foundation of structure of self-esteem, the body of the material properties areintegrated into the overall self-esteem through the body, it is essential to the health ofbody and mind development. Deaf students is a special social group, middle andprimary school stage is their body and mind development important period, is physicalexercise attitude, behavior and consciousness of physical self-esteem critical period ofdevelopment, the stage form of physical exercise attitude and body self-respectconsciousness of lifelong physical exercise behavior have a significant impact.This paper investigating the xiangxi minority areas of special education schools,with164deaf students taking part in the physical classroom and body self-esteem as theresearch object, using literature data method, questionnaire, psychological measurementmethod, interview method, field survey method, mathematical statistics and logicanalysis on Suggestions for deaf students taking part in the physical classroom and bodyself-esteem of the status of the investigation, and the physical dimension of participationand the relationship between physical self-esteem and in-depth analysis and research.The results show that the:(1) the deaf students’ sports participation there were significant gender, and classdifferences, boys and elementary student’s sports participation cognition and attitude tofemale and junior high school students; Boys and pupil’s participation in sports andexercise the purpose of the project selection is mainly to improve its sports ability,making friends and entertainment is given priority to, while the girls and the juniormiddle school students give priority to in order to improve the physical attractiveness;Boys and exercise intensity than girls in junior high school students and primary schoolstudents; Boys and students more preference in an atmosphere of cheerful and lively,the competition to participate in sports activities. (2) the deaf students’ body self-esteem are significant differences between genderand learning period, generally boys better than girls, good elementary school students inthe junior middle school students.(3) Deaf students sports atmosphere of class participation, attitude, strength, andbody self-esteem correlation, but the degree is low., shown in the regression analysisbetween the two have interaction effect, but the influence is not obvious. Sports attitude,strength and atmosphere of class participation (in addition to the flexibility andendurance) was positively correlated with body self-esteem; In average in thecomparison also shows the physical class participation, purpose, content and physicalself-esteem is a certain degree of influence each other.

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