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On the Seeking of the Breakthroughs of the Ideological Content and Artistic Quality

Author: GaoZuo
Tutor: LiangXiangYang
School: Yan'an University
Course: Contemporary Chinese Literature
Keywords: Red films and dramas of the new century Ideological value orientation Artistic features
CLC: J905
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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"Red films and dramas of the new century" are the "Red films and dramas" that areproduced after China’s entry into the21st century. As a part of the "Red films anddramas" in the new period, under the new historical conditions,"Red films and dramas ofthe new century" have made some breakthroughs on the aspects of ideological contentand artistic quality."Sincerity" and "goodness" are two value orientations of theideological content of "Red films and dramas of the new century". On the valueorientation of the pursuit of "sincerity", which reflects the truth of the history,"Red filmsand dramas of the new century" gradually begin to pay more attention to and show thecontent that had been hidden in the grand historical narrative affected by all sorts offactors, as well as the complex relationship between a outstanding figures and majorhistorical events. For they pay more attention to restore the historical facts and figuresthan previous "Red films and dramas", they are more outstanding and have achieved a lot,have been welcomed with open arms gradually after they have been produced andreleased, which is far different from the original. On the value orientation of the pursuitof "goodness", namely in the positive social intervention,"Red films and dramas of thenew century" also have made a lot of progress in horizontal coverage and longitudinalcontemporary vertical coverage of the influence on the ideological content by using ofthe individual, exotic new perspective which is different from the traditionalrevolutionary narration and strengthening the bonds between themselves and currentreality. In addition,"Red films and dramas of the new century" not only have shown anovelty in the artistic expression through the innovation of technique of expression andnarrative technique, the diversification of theirs theme and will also have promoted a richdiversity of aesthetic styles of them. Pay attention to the achievements of "Red films anddramas of the new century " in ideological content and artistic quality, at the same time, can not ignore many existing problems of them presently, and the root of which lie in thelack of their ideological content, artistic quality and creativity. To solve these problemsand promote the "Red films and dramas of the new century" further prosperousdevelopment, we should start from the essence of the "Red films and dramas of the newcentury", as a kind of films and dramas, combine with the current social and economicstatus of our country, to make the regression of films and dramas themselves, thatdetermine the two basic trends of the "Red films and dramas of the new century"’sfuture development——integrating with literature, returning to mass culture.

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