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A comparative study of Mo-tse and Mencius righteousness and benefit view

Author: HuangNingNing
Tutor: HanXing
School: Shaanxi Normal University
Course: History of Ancient China
Keywords: Mozi Mencius Favorable View of Justice Compare
CLC: B222.5
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Mozi and Mencius is a major achievement of China’s Pre-Qin Dynasty thinkers. Mozi created Mohist School, Mencius, a Confucian representative of the Warring States period, they have formed their own system of thinking. The concept of justice and benefit is a particularly important part of their system of thought, reflecting the main content and logical method they think. This paper attempts a comparative study on the basis of previous studies of Righteousness and Benefit of Mozi and MenciusThe article Introduction section describes the origins of this writing, the situation on this issue, and the to study logic applied to this problem, and the focus of attention described. The first part of the article describes the Mozi and Mencius, the social environment, as well as their educational background, and to the general understanding of their ideological system of Righteousness and Benefit the formation of the impact. The second part of the article first introduces Mozi and Mencius understanding of the meaning of loyalty and benefit Mozi understand the meaning of just the to the Skyward things ghost on under the lover prudence, Lee connotation prosperous population,national Chengchi criminal governance and prosperity of the country; Mencius understand righteousness connotation is to practice Wisdom representatives ethical practice benevolent rulers in the policy. Profit connotation people over on the basis of certain substances moral life, the prosperity of the country, the world is peaceful unification. Then interlinked part of their understanding of the meaning of justice and profit, mainly in three aspects:not deemed over substance, the powerful enjoy profit; damages against individuals due to the self-interest public and benefit; were concerned about the protection of the interests of the people.The third part is the Mozi and Mencius understanding the relationship between loyalty and benefit and defined connotation sources. Mozi seems loyalty and benefit the two aspects of the same thing, what is justice is mainly determined by the LeRoi, he is the effect of commentators, always doing things to be able to bring tangible benefits to society as a starting point. Source of of Mozi understanding just mainly three aspects: the willingness of the day, a ghost; kings of the Road; needs of social reality. Understanding of Mencius, he do not speak the interests of the is a motive commentators, but when it comes to affairs when he applied the thinking logic of justice and interests, but Mencius still insist on righteousness absolute dominanceprofit is just a natural result of practicing the righteous cause. Mencius particularly opposed, and do things as the starting point, because he believed that to do so easily and benefit of the people for their own gain at the expense of others. Righteousness in Mencius understanding of main sources:Heaven; human goodness and Wisdom and four-terminal as the main content of the Mind; kings of the Road. The fourth part is the Mozi and Mencius respective position, angle of Righteousness and Benefit the formation and practice the concept. Mozi departure from the theory of human nature, certainly the reasonableness of the material needs of the people, things will mainly concern the social management and production services. Mencius focused on to own taxi gentleman identity, so he importance of human virtue and morality, attention to the quest of the human heart, rather than focus on specific social affairs. In practice the concept, Mozi and Mencius stressed that people want to make every effort to practice the righteous cause. The fifth part of Mozi and Mencius respective logical thinking and method of formation of Righteousness and Benefit. Mozi equal relationship between people of the plane to consider the issue, the Mozi special emphasis on holism, his logical thinking is the real apartment name. Mencius emphasized the arithmetic of love to the family as the basic point to consider the issue and push grace, he particularly stressed the independent personality of the person, Mencius’ thinking logic through the name of the responsible real. Finally made roughly summary above, and probably about Mozi and Mencius concept of justice and benefit future generations.

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