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From Political Power to Political Authority

Author: DuRui
Tutor: WangYan
School: Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Course: The basic principles of Marxism
Keywords: Marxism Political Power Political Authority Political Value Governing Virtue PoliticalDemocracy
CLC: D621
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2012
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Political power is the research subject of politics and political philosophy. I historicalmaterialism view, the tool form and value form are united organically. Fom tool form aspect, politicalpower shows compelling force. from value form aspect, political power essentially points on certaintype of class domination. In practical politics, the phenomenon that political power deviates betweentool dimension to value dimension often happens. It is because that whether political power can workeffectively as form of tool, and whether political power can maintain the interests of dominating class,basically it depends on whether political power can gain people’s obedience and on the degree of theirobedience. Political power only has to be set up on legitimate solid foundation, ie turning intopolitical authority, then to obtain people’s self conscious agreement and general obedience, who areunder the power. So, political authority is essentially the political power that has gained people’s selfconscious agreement and general obedience, who are under the power:political authority’s formingtheory becomes the central content of Marxism Political power view. In contemporary China, ChineseCommunist Party is in leading position all the while during political, economic, cultural and socialconstruction. Therefore, it is no doubt that our party is the most important principal body of politicalauthority. That is to say, the status of contemporary China’s political authority mostly depends on ourparty’s authority. Overall, our party’s political authority is stable. it is because that our party united andled people to achieve the great victory of new democratism and socialism revolution. Nowadays,uniting and leading people, our party has implemented the new great opening and reformingrevolution, advanced socialism modern construction and gained world famous great success. However,some problem still exists during our party’ s governing. These problems would damage our party’spolitical authority’s establishment and consolidation. Facing and solving these problems, can not onlyprovide very good opportunity for consolidating our party’s self political authority, but also becomethe basic argument of formatting contemporary China Marxism political power view. To be specific,searching the basic content of political power and political authority not only associates;but alsoforms the basic theory of Marxism political power view, searching the legitimate foundation ofpolitical power from political value, governing virtue, and political democracy directly points on theforming theory of political authority.Value agreement is the view basic of general agreement and self-conscious obedience. Incontemporary China, political power only has to base on certain political value and then it can turninto political authority. Thus, our party thinks much of socialism political value and political freedomand equality, and regards them as necessary precondition of uniting people to obtain generalagreement and self-conscious obedience, and therefore to set up valuable foundation stone forpolitical power updating into political authority of contemporary China. Firstly, in contemporary Chinese Marxism political power view theory, freedom is political power’s ultimate demand, andequality is political power’s ethical connotation. Secondly, political power from main body’s aspect,must base on certain governing virtue. Governing body that possesses excellent governing character,i.e. governing virtue, always can get people’s general agreement, support and obedience. So politicalauthority’s setting up becomes natural. Governing virtue of contemporary China mainly containspeople oriented virtue and governing style virtue. People oriented virtue includes respecting people’smain body position, tying up with people, and servicing people wholeheartedly. Excellent governingstyle includes way of thinking which takes emancipating the mind and being practical and realistic asits core, way of learning which takes being diligent in studies and studying for application as its core,way of working which takes be faithful in duty and democratic equality as its core, and way of livingwhich takes being modest and prudent and hard fighting as its core. At last, political power fromsystem’s aspect, must base on certain political democracy. Modern political authority’s legitimatebase only has to be from people’s agreement. Political authority’s system base has to be politicaldemocracy. In contemporary China, political democracy as the legitimate base of political powerincludes people’s democracy and inner-party democracy. As a kind of political principal, the essentialsof people’s democracy is people possessing power and people sharing power. As a kind of politicalsystem, people democracy is the essential content of socialism democracy politics. Inner-partydemocracy is the necessary precondition for contemporary China to set up political authority andgoverning party authority. It is also the important assurance to advance people democracy andsocialism democracy politics. Inner-party democracy instruction of contemporary China CommunistParty contains four parts: to improve election system of inner-party democracy, to ensure partymember performing democratic powers, to realize the separation of the functions of the Party and thegovernment, and to carry out supervising system of inner-Party in real earnest.

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