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The Prevention and Control of Risk Management Research of Weifang Procuratorial Authority

Author: ZhangJinJin
Tutor: CaoWenZhen
School: Ocean University of China
Course: Public Administration
Keywords: the prevention of corruption the risk control mechanism procuratorial authority
CLC: D630.9
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Now we are in the social transformation period, the anti-corruption is very important. In the face of the current difficult and complex of anti-corruption, although our country has made a lot of normative sex file, but in practice, these systems often face the dilemma of "emptiness ", in the implementation of encounter many obstacles, restricted the play of its function, it also makes Chinese corruption prevention work difficult heavy. In view of this due to the institutional mechanisms and other complex factors caused the situation, Beijing, Shanghai, in the introduction of "risk management" concept, to carry out the implementation of the incorrupt government risk control management, obtained initial effect. The risk prevention and control work is to find the risk point as the main target, in order to prevent the occurrence of corruption as the starting point, to work as the foothold, through the work has always been a system, need all the staff of the common participation, for possible corruption ring and field early discovery, early prevention, early settlement. The risk prevention key lies in the establishment of effective prevention and control measures, so as to avoid the risk of reality to the public interest to bring irreparable loss.However, the only existing practices and effectiveness of each focus on summary, not with "risk management" theory on the risk control management system exposition. Independent risk management draws the modern management into the construction of party conduct anti-corruption form corruption prevention mechanism. The risk management is in microcosmic on the implementation of "risk management ", in macroscopical on application of "quality management" system management process. The risk management process including risk identification, risk assessment and risk control in three stages, respectively, to implement the "three-colour warning" warning mechanism. The blue and red, orange signal warning three layer. Risk control level needs to establish the early prevention, monitoring, mid late disposed of three line of defense. The prevention and control of risk management is on the risk of implementation of PDCA circulation management. The main steps includes find and evaluate risk rating (Plan);the formulation and implementation of preventive measures (Do); assess and test the effect of preventing (Check test); check the effect of preventing, improving management system (modified Action).According to the theory of incorrupt risk management, in order to solve three risks, the Weifang city procuratorate carry out the management of incorrupt risks. The Weifang city procuratorate anti-corruption risk control management operation mode is divided into1, three kinds of risk, for construction of the three defense line, pay attention to the four links, namely "three three four " management mode. One is to find the three types of risk. According to the moral risk, the risk guard application in the ideological and moral construction and style construction of the concrete work, implementation of the refinement of Ideological and moral construction, style construction, system of the specific requirements. In view of system risk, main measure is based on the different function departments, close to the power to run the various links, sorts out the system itself existence the insufficiency and the implementation process of the existence of the problem, how to develop preventive measures, to make relevant regulations specifically, power operation procedures, risk prevention the functions of the. According to the post responsibility risk, Weifang city procuratorate is mostly clear each post post post office operating rules, decomposition steps, to effectively monitor the post behavior. This kind of risk prevention measures mainly through clear job responsibilities, strengthen supervision so as to realize the behavior. In2, construction of the three defense line early preventive measures. To set up monitoring mechanisms, the establishment of risk monitoring network, the system behavior, police system mechanism operation, power operation process dynamic monitoring late solution. By means of a warning to remind, admonishing error correction and ordered the rectification and other related means, remind at risk in individuals, ahead of the disposal of incorrupt government risk, forming a third line of defense.3, grasping four links, according to PDCA cycle management method, can be subdivided into the risk prevention and control plan (Plan), executive (Do),(Check) examination and correction (Action) four links, step by step, can form the risk prevention and control management in PD cycle.4, to establish the risk control mechanism, to ensure the effective operation of prevention and control work.The Weifang city combines the usual work and anti-corruption risk control management, which gets a lot of achievements, but still has some questions. Weifang city’s experience and lessons on the risk prevention and control mechanism of the construction of the enlightenment, one is to improve education in, build the defense line of ideological morality. Two is to improve the system science, build guarantee system of defense. Three is to improve the effectiveness of supervision, to build power control lines.

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