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On the Establishment of Localresponsible Government in the Social Management

Author: XuTongZhu
Tutor: ChenWeiDong
School: Central China Normal University
Course: Marxism in China
Keywords: responsible government government’s responsibility social administration publicservice accountability system
CLC: D632
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2013
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Responsible government is a government model courageously assuming its duty and bravely taking its responsibility, and is an effective government type meeting the requirement of the target of social administration as well. It is not only a government philosophy but also an institutional arrangement. As a philosophy, it reflects the people’s subjectivity, integrates responsibility, service, limit, integrity, rule of law, and impartiality into one, and has the theoretical quality of keeping pace with the times. As an institutional choice, responsible government is always in the process of optimizing institution, mechanism and system, and always keeps the advancement and effectiveness of the institution. Responsible government bears abundant theoretical basis, for example, social contract theory, constitutional theory, popular sovereignty, the theory of governance and good governance, the idea of people first in localization of Marxism in China, and so on, which constitutes the theoretical source of constructing responsible government, and instructs the development orientation of local government. Responsible government is superior to traditional government model of bureaucracy, because it bears the basic feature and the pursuit of value suitable for social administration. Responsible government’s feature lies in the following six unifications:limit and limitlessness, efficiency and equity, publicity and response, responsibility and accountability, democracy and rule by law, integrity and closeness to people, which symbolizes the government’s intrinsic feature. Responsible government’s pursuit of value is realized by six transformations which manifest the responsible government’s advancement orientation in reform and development, i.e. the transformation from the government-centered to the responsibility-centered, from centralized administration to decentralized administration, from government leadership to social cooperation, from black box operation to transparent administration, from administration by power to administration by rule of law, from making the decision for people to making the decision by people. Accordingly, the construction of responsible government is of great significance. It can not only reinforce the responsibility philosophy and reshape the government’s image, but also transform the function of the government and improve social administration capability. It can not only push forward the democratic administration and improve the level of decision-making, but also promote just administration and safeguard the social harmony and stability.To examine and construct the responsible government from the perspective of social administration requires us to have a better understanding of the status quo of the government’s fulfillment of its responsibility of social administration. Admittedly, local governments have achieved a remarkable effect in social construction and administration, but it is far from public demands and the realization of harmonious society and fairly comfortable society. The distinct manifestation lies in the severe lack and insufficiency of the local government’s social administrative responsibility. This study is based on a large number of detailed cases so as to discover the local government’s grave problems, such as, unclearness of responsibility in public service, weakness of responsibility in safeguarding social order, lack of responsibility in ensuring the people’s livelihood, absence of responsibility in security control, blur of responsibility in ecological protection, and so on. The reasons are as the followings:first, it is hard to eliminate the inertia of the traditional thinking of bureaucracy in a short while; second, the modern government’s public spirit, idea of responsibility and legal sense haven’t become the dominant ideology in many local governments and the officials’mind, and the motivation of the conscientious promotion is insufficient; third, the traditional defects in the government’s running system restricts the development of the construction of responsible government; fourth, the system deficiency becomes the plight of the construction of responsible government; fifth, the interest group’s choice impediment increases the resistance of the construction of responsible government.The clarification of the government’s legitimate responsibility in social administration is the significant premise in the construction of responsible government. This study probes into the responsible government’s legitimate responsibility from different perspectives in order to construct the responsible government with a definite objective, The government’s responsibility of safeguarding social stability should be strengthened from the perspective of the construction of social order; the government’s responsibility of security control should be enhanced from the perspective of public security; the government’s responsibility of biological protection should be intensified from the perspective of the optimization of social environment. However, the local governments do not show any strong interest in these aspects. Therefore, the local government’s motivation of assuming responsibility should be urgently emphasized. This study attempts to activate the government’s motivation of assuming responsibility from the following aspects:development of social causes, response of social problems, implementation of superior instruction, perfection of government construction, and so on. At the same time, great efforts should be made to optimize the traditional method of assuming the responsibility by government, innovate in the modern method of the government’s social administration, and dynamically integrate the traditional method with the modern one to boost the actual effect of assuming responsibility. Besides, through the case study of administrative accountability, the problem of responsibility investigation after the local government’s failure to assume its responsibility is discussed. Strengthening administrative accountability is the institutional guarantee to effectively promote the government’s assumption of responsibility.The measures of constructing responsible government should be fully optimized:first, give the top priority to the concept of responsibility, to the public, to spirit of service, to quality of honesty, and equity and justice to optimize the philosophy of responsible government; second, the government should be shaped centering upon the requirement of service-oriented government, limited government, clear and honest government, law-based government to optimize the responsible government’s target pattern; third, rebuild the government’s functional structure and straighten out the relationship of government functions to optimize the relationship of the responsible government’s functional structure; fourth, perfect the mechanism of decision-making, implementation, and supervision to optimize the responsible government’s running mechanism; fifth, improve some measures, such as, contract management, performance management, e-government, and so on, to optimize the responsible government’s management method; sixth, achieve the overall harmony between government and society, and between government and nature by constructing civil society and reinforcing environment protection.

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