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The Research on the Problem of the Employment Capacity in Three Southern States of Xinjiang

Author: LiuKai
Tutor: FanYaLi
School: Xinjiang University of Finance and Economics
Course: Labor Economics
Keywords: Employment ability Population quality Labor employment Three states in the south of Xinjiang
CLC: F249.27
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Under the condition of market economy, our country’s social economydevelopment in three regions of southern minority areas lagging behind, hasbecome a national comprehensive well-off society, promoting the emphasis anddifficulty of major construction such as socialist new rural construction and thecoordinated development of regional economy.The weak historical foundation, thelack natural conditions, backward economic development and the poor humanresources development are poor reasons result in low quality of the population ofthe three southern states, and led to a lack of employment ability. This is not onlyrelated to the personal occupation development and family happiness, but alsodirectly affects and decides the development ability and competitive ability of anregion and the whole country. In the international background of knowledgeeconomy, how to make good use of the central and19provinces and cities builtcounterparts, by improving the level of education、increasing the intensity oftraining、improving the quality of its population and other means from thefundamental solution to the employment problem,which is one of the importantstrategic initiatives to realize great-leap-forward development and the sustainabledevelopment of the three regions in the south of Xinjiang minority areas.In this paper, by combing the literature review on the employment ability ofdomestic and foreign, with the help of experts and scholars at home and abroad inthe employment field research on the employment ability, the author constructs theevaluation index of labor employment ability in three Southern regions. On thisbasis, according to the employment ability exploitation and calculation theory, andhome interviews, the Delphi method, questionnaire survey and other methods tocollect relevant data, the use of the degrees of freedom analysis, reliability andvalidity analysis, regression analysis, hierarchical analysis method such asquantitative analysis of the data, a comparative analysis of the basic situation oflabor employment ability of the three regions in the south of Xinjiang, targeted thecountermeasures to enhance the employment ability of the three regions in thesouth of Xinjiang. Therefore, based on the above consideration, this paper isdivided into six parts, systematically to study how to enhance the labor employment ability of the three regions in the south of Xinjiang.Based on the above considerations, the paper is divided into six parts andhow to enhance the ability of the three southern states’labor employment:The firstpart outlines the research background, significance, methods, frameworks, focus,and difficult and innovation; The second part introduces theoretical research athome and abroad, and lay a solid theoretical foundation for the further expansionof this article; The third part of the in-depth study of the labor employability indexsystem, The article talk about the particularity of employability of the threesouthern states and built the employability and its evaluation of the three southernstates’labor system on the basis of this study;The fourth part with the instructorstaking the lead author and research group members during the summer of2012, onthe southern border prefectures basis of field research and home interviews toobtain data on the use of statistical analysis methods, descriptive statisticalanalysis of the rural labor force sample, samples of the urban labor force, scalereliability and validity testing, comparative analysis the difference between bothsamples; Then from the perspective of gender characteristics of employabilityvariance analysis (ANOVA) author test the gender the employability elements;Atlast author analysis the effects between the elements of employability related tostatistical information; The article reveals the general weakness of the status quo inlabor employability of the three southern states, and provide certain theoreticalbasis for the government agencies to develop employment policies;The fifth partrelated to main factors constraining labor enhance employability of the threesouthern states, including ten main factors of the population quality, education, theregional economics development, the level of urbanization,ethnic factors,socialeconomic management,natural environment,science and technology,language;Thesixth part under the previous chapter on the analysis of factors restrictingemployability suggestions to enhance the employability of labor in three southernstates.

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