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Comparison Study on Senior Middle School Mathematics Textbooks of Chinese Mainland and Taiwan

Author: HeLiangLiang
Tutor: LvShiHu
School: Northwest Normal University
Course: Curriculum and Pedagogy
Keywords: Mainland China Taiwan senior middle school mathematicstextbooks comparison
CLC: G633.6
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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The promulgation and implementation of Basic Education Curriculum Reform(Trial) in2001is a symbol that a new era of basic education in China is coming, i.e.era of curriculum reform. As a significant part of the curriculum, textbook is a directreflection of idea of curriculum, objective of curriculum, content of curriculum.Textbook writing is an important part which determines the successful implement ofthe curriculum reform. Different editions of textbook has different merits anddemerits, you can find it and make use of it only by contrast. While keeping withourselves respective traditions, learning the strengths of others is the right way thatChinese curriculum reform should take, and is also the motivation of developing ofChinese curriculum reform.Because there is much common ground between mainland China to Taiwan inthe aspect of mathematics courses, so this research takes the edition of The People’sEducation Press of mainland China and the edition of the Nanyi press company ofTaiwan as the object of this paper, use literature research method, comparative method,text analysis method, data analysis method, etc. has made a quantitative analysis andqualitative analysis through idea of compiling, principles of composition, knowledgesystems, help-reading system, exercise system, aim to discover differences andsimilarities of the two editions, further more, offer suggestions to the compiling ofmiddle school mathematics textbook in mainland China.Through the contrast, it shows that generality of the two editions of the middleschool mathematics textbook is the main character. They all focus on the basic,diversity, as well as the cultivation of thinking ability, application ability, and also paymuch attention to the integration of information technology and mathematics,help-reading system, exercise system, rational evaluation system, meanwhile, theyhave little difference in the aspect of specific content. But obviously the two editionshave respective characters.The edition A of The People’s Education Press of Chinese mainland pays moreattention to the student’s learning style, emphasizing the "double-base" and themigration to life. On the selection of contents, it contains many traditionalmathematics contents, but the total amount of which is relatively insufficient. In the help-reading system, there are a large number of charts, beautiful layouts, a variety ofcolumns and vivid notations. In the system of the example exercises, there are a smallnumber of exercises. On the contrast, it has a lot of exercises and review questions,and the type of which is varied.The edition of the Nanyi Press of Taiwan emphasizesthe process during the learning, and it pays more attention to the curriculum’s epochalcharacter, perspectiveness and cohesion. For the choice of the content, the textbookthink highly of the modern mathematical knowledge and has a large number ofknowledge points. However in the help-reading system, the number of theillustrations of the textbook is small and the density is lighter. The design of theintroduction, columns, and annotations of the textbook also has a poor performance.In the system of the example exercises, there are a lot of examples but the type issingle. On the contrast, it has a relatively small number of exercises and reviewquestions.Based on the analysis of the above conclusions, this dissertation puts forward thefollowing proposals on the compilation of mathematics textbooks in Mainland China:pay attention to the knowledge cohesion by properly expanding the textbook content;highlight the process and intuition of the textbooks; appropriately establish modernmathematics content and make the textbooks conform to the times and prospective;give full play to the introduction, illustrations, annotatio ns to increase the readabilityof the textbooks; make the quantity and types of samples and exercises suitable andthe materials distinguishing.The innovation of this study is to use the combination of quantitative andqualitative methods. First it makes statistics on the knowledge system, the assistantreading system and the system of samples and exercises. Then, combining the specificcontent of the textbooks, it comprehensively analyses the similarities and differencesbetween the two versions of textbooks.

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