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Formation Pattern of Discipline of Higher Education

Author: ZhangLiJuan
Tutor: HuBingXian
School: Central South University for Nationalities
Course: Educational Economy and Management
Keywords: Hubei province University discipline construction mode
CLC: G642
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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The nature of development in Colleges and universities is the development ofdiscipline. The ultimate goal of development is the formation of advantage discipline.The most significant advantage discipline is the embodiment of comprehensivestrength and school running characteristics of colleges and universities. Advantages ofdisciplines can drive the development of other disciplines, promote the formation ofsuperior subjects, to enhance the overall level of University discipline. Therefore,every university wants to our advantage subject the more the better.Development of green shoots and a start-up phase with a condition, will becomethe subject construction of a steady flow of power, will become a continuousdevelopment of subject construction of inertia, will become the aura of disciplineconstruction has accompanied growing up. There may be, such conditions areconsidered subjects of the school faces constraints. This condition is the study of theso-called "discipline-building mode." For the purposes of this article, its tasks aretrying to visit a major fields are generated.Discipline construction has7big factors of effect: leader talent, usually isdiscipline leader, in a door discipline area within its academic level is both at homeand abroad leading status, directly effect with discipline development, in discipline ofrise and fall process in the occupy has very important of location; discipline team,team members has common of discipline target and discipline contract, common inaccordance with discipline contract, around discipline target, carried out academic,and teaching and social service research of groups. Nation-building early Collegeadjustment, large discipline due to merged restructuring, has has other schoolunparalleled and challenge of comparison advantage; history accumulation, is adiscipline formed of time for1952National College adjustment Qian has has good ofdiscipline based and development trend; single section sexual University, is in13adiscipline categories in the, has1-2a discipline categories of specifically College; featured University, relies on and the industry competent sector running, service Yubelongs industry, almost all of discipline construction are around belongs industrycarried out construction, Integrated with industry-related subject group; geographicaladvantages, namely taking local area advantages of established disciplines.Through empirical analyses on major fields in Hubei Province, found this majorfields a total of76containing cultivate discipline6. Remove cultivate discipline, realadvantages subject to70. Advantages of subject22, advantage48secondarydisciplines. These faculties will discipline references belong in brief introduction onthe discipline of Web site, using the Delphi method, in accordance with the abovefactors for each advantage subject classification. Eventually forming part of thefollowing five modes: leader, team-oriented, historical heritage, specialist,environment type. While citing representative major fields of basic, a narrativedescription. Narrative description of the aims, through the case and foundrepresentative subjects of history, which affected some of the argument supportingevidence, and eventually came to the formation of major fields.On this basis, analyzing advantages discipline problems in colleges anduniversities of Hubei province. A discipline an excessive concentration of strengths,in145University in Hubei Province, only22universities with advantage discipline inHubei Province; and in22universities,7"211" and "985" accounted for three-thirdsadvantage of number of disciplines at the University, other15universities occupyonly one-fourth. Second, government intervention the construction of subject, ifpossible, construction would remain autonomous and meet the Government demandtwo difficult choices. Government and the University, it is difficult to move towardsnormalization of relations between the subjects, overrun Government action, resultingin absence of autonomy of the discipline. Third, the specialist-school level is not high,shows that construction of the road is long, and should strive to translate theadvantages of disciplines in Hubei province for the national discipline advantage.Advantages of disciplinary construction of policy recommendations are given. Isto maintain continuity in the development of, around the major fields of science to focus on raising academic standards, no matter what the external environmentchanges, always maintain the continuity in the development, not to easily give up itstraditional and advantages. Second, develop appropriate disciplinary Echelon, tostrengthen the cultivation of discipline Echelon members, attach great importance totheir training, exercise, on-the-job learning through teaching, improving educationand fighting for their scientific research at all levels, the old teachers and disciplineleaders, help, with other means of training and bringing up a large number ofoutstanding young teachers, consolidate the foundation of academic teams. Third,establish secondary subject group, according to the interlinkages between the differentdisciplines develop appropriate disciplinary structure, forming advantages ofdiscipline and academic situation of mutual promotion and coordinated development.For the non dominant discipline construction to become the dominant subject,the first is to introduce academic leaders, academic level, leading the subject alwayswalk in the forefront of discipline development. Two is the establishment of disciplineresearch base, and actively apply for national key laboratories, national professionallaboratory, national engineering centers, the liberal arts research base, teaching andexperiment base, industrial base, boosting the discipline construction. Three is tocreate a development environment and atmosphere, in personnel training, to let thetalents "attracted to, retain, use it", have a relatively free academic atmosphere, tostrengthen exchanges and cooperation, to create an open atmosphere of disciplinedevelopment. Four is the prominent regional advantages and characteristics,positioning for the characteristics of a product or a service, characteristic industrialcluster development, the natural resources, human, traffic, ecological environment,social culture, historical basis, industrial structure, existing products and other specialresource transformation, to achieve "no I have, all have my special".

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