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Martial Arts World of Martial Arts Fiction

Author: ZhangMeiLing
Tutor: DaiGuoBin
School: Shanghai Institute of Physical Education
Course: Ethnic Traditional Sports
Keywords: martial arts martial arts fiction Kung fu fans Jianghu
CLC: G852
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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1. The research purposeThis study chose fan of martial arts fiction as the research object, is based on thefollowing two aspects to consider. On the one hand, the favor of martial arts fictionhave always been favored by readers. Study martial arts fiction, on the other hand, wealso think about important cultural phenomenon in the development of contemporarywushu. Dai Guobin think, for example, in the competitive martial arts (repertoire)audience annals, martial arts become the primary and secondary schools "teachingmaterials, classroom" teaching content, folk martial arts martial arts in the eighty swere foreign after heat extrusion of wushu at the same time, we also face a kung funovel, martial-arts hot (Dai Guobin,2008), in literary production such as jin yong’smartial arts, not only have the vast readers, and become people know martial arts,Chinese culture to know Windows, primary and middle school students are mostlyfrom the martial arts films, martial arts novel understanding of martial arts (86.9%,46.2%)(state general administration of sports,2008). Visible, the subject is not onlythe reality of tens of thousands of martial arts fiction, but we summarize wuxiamartial arts novel cultural production experience, and then improve the needs of theproduction of the contemporary martial arts professional culture, and has importanttheory value and practical significance.2. Research methods and ideasAlong the way, about the "fan" of the research on popular culture and occupyimportant position in such fields as sociology research. martial arts fiction is notonly the people know the window of the martial arts, understand Chinese culture, andit has thousands of fans. Therefore, this study using literature and website query,teacher and friend’s recommendation, expert advice, choose33wuxia novel fan byusing the method of oral history in April2012to October2012, during the48interview was carried out, and oral data and documents of each way, to explore thefeatures of martial arts fiction, identification of the martial arts, martial arts, martialarts fiction novel fan in the eyes of the world.3. The research conclusionFirst, in the direct or indirect contact with martial arts martial arts fiction novels,through the "interacting with martial arts fiction, always read all read" the addiction tofan, shown as "try their best to collect martial arts fiction to read","will be put inimportant position of the bookcase martial arts fiction","version even collectdifferent martial arts fiction","imitation of martial arts or action","martial arts moveto own life, to their own surroundings as a jianghu society" and so on.Second, the martial arts novel fan groups, some people think that martial arts is"wu", some people think martial arts focus on "chivalry", and some people insist that"also Wu Yixia, half". Identification of the martial arts, is closely associated withcognitive level of the martial arts fiction. Fan of martial arts fictiondegree, the higher the more biased towards the identification of the "man", the lower the degree the morebiased towards the "wu", medium degree is biased towards the "wu" and "chivalry"and identity; Elder martial arts fiction as the social education is more, orientation ofYu Wuxia "spiderman" identity; Fan of martial arts fictionidentification of the "wu"and "chivalry" no differences between sexes.Third, wuxia novel fan in the eyes of the world is rich and colorful, vary fromperson to person. Some people think that "quack" is similar to the real society,everywhere is dangerous, full of enmity, run the "law of the jungle, the survival of thefittest" rule; Others think, jianghu is a detachment from reality, away from thegovernment, not be bound by the law of justice in the world, is a near perfect idealspace. Among them, accept education (including schools and social education) highfan of martial arts fictionthought runescape is similar to the real society, on thecontrary, accept education level is low fan of martial arts fictionthought runescape is afairness and justice, martial arts for justice, away from the government’s ideal space;Men understand jianghu towards reality, the battle of society, women in the eyes of ajianghu, on the other hand, tend to the ideal space.Fourth, the proposals. Grasping chivalrous man dream in the heart of this people,introduced martial arts fictionelements in the martial arts teaching, can design somemartial arts fiction in the scene, the martial arts action name consciously combinedwith martial arts fictionplot, improve students’ learning enthusiasm and exercise.Encourage students in martial arts experiences growing up exercisers, martial artstraining, martial arts students, exercisers to build (exercise) targets, in martial artsfiction to improve students’ aesthetic or exercisers level.

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