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Completely decomposed granite soil engineering properties and improvements in high-speed railway construction application

Author: HouJiangBo
Tutor: WangYongHe
School: Central South University
Course: Road and Railway Engineering
Keywords: Completely decomposed granite Improved soil Unconfined compressive strength Dynamic Response
CLC: U212.22
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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At present, China is in the comprehensive development of high-speed railway construction period, in order to ensure train safe, comfortable, smooth running, high-speed rail on the subgrade deformation, there are strict requirements. New Wuhan-Guangzhou passenger line for quite a while along the line passing through completely decomposed granite lots, A, B group, the lack of filler, filler if you rely entirely on Sinotrans qualified, then neither economic, nor reasonable. In order to ensure the project can be efficient, safe and economical construction, must lead to lots of granite weathering make improvements to reach the required packing standards. Based on the comprehensive analysis of completely decomposed granite research status at home and abroad on the basis of theoretical analysis, laboratory experiments, numerical analysis and simulation methods, and improved completely decomposed granite soil properties were studied, the main contents and conclusions are as follows : (a) by a large number of experimental studies have shown that the majority of completely decomposed granite along the physical and mechanical properties of poor, internal friction angle is small, absorbent and strong, natural water content, bonding force is small, loosely structured, high liquid and plastic limits, higher content of fine particles, silt content is higher, weathered granite strength index is not high, low bearing capacity, such as the CBR value is lower, resilient modulus and small, in addition, there is resistance to deformation and long-term water poor stability characteristics. (2) Through the incorporation of different dopants for improved soil particle analysis, liquid and plastic limits, compression properties, compaction characteristics, water stability, strength properties and a series of tests, indicating improved completely decomposed granite soil behind the plastic index decreased; particle analysis curve to the left, particle coarsening effect is obvious; compaction curve flattens, hump wider, which makes the water content in the construction of the control on the wider, easier construction quality assurance; compression reduced; permeability decline; improve water stability; strength and so on. For DK2097 560 worksite yellow completely decomposed granite, lime mixed with 6% for high-speed railway will be able to meet the requirements of subgrade; DK2116 200 workers of the red completely decomposed granite, lime improvement should not be used, mixed with 6% cement to meet the high-speed Railway on the subgrade requirements. (3) using MATLAB software to carry their own tools to build BP network model lime modified soil unconfined compressive strength to predict, and the influencing factors were analyzed. Improved soil there is an optimal amount of Lime, unconfined compressive strength increases with the degree of compaction increased strength after flood damage will be significantly reduced, and the intensity with the extension of age and growing. (4) using ANSYS software to establish the roadbed simulation model of improved soil as roadbed filler, at different speeds, different wheel weight down and subgrade thickness changes the dynamic characteristics. Dynamic response was attenuated in the depth direction of the trend, along the base Horizontally, the maximum occurs or right under the rail line center line. At different speeds, the displacement, velocity, acceleration, stress and other physical responses are not as the speed increases. Different wheel weight, the displacement, velocity, acceleration, stress and other physical response of the wheel weight there is a quasi-linear function, along with the increase of wheel weight. With the increase of the thickness subgrade, shift, velocity, acceleration, stress and other physical values ??are the decreased response.

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