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Study on Theories,Methods and Applications of Supply Chain Performance Evaluation

Author: FanXueMei
Tutor: YangYinSheng; ZhangShuJun
School: Jilin University
Course: Agricultural Mechanization Engineering
Keywords: Supply Chain Performance evaluation Five dimension balanced score card LMBPalgorithm Business process modeling Bionic
CLC: F274
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2013
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With the change of market environment, the competition between enterprises hasevolved into the competition between supply chains. How to integrate resources, reduceoperating costs, improve operational level, further cultivate and develop competitivenessand make clear the operation performance of supply chain have become particularlyimportant to supply chain participants. So the study on supply chain performanceevaluation has been paid close attention by more and more researchers. The supply chainperformance evaluation mainly includes the construction of the evaluation index systemand the choice of evaluation methods and ways. Supply chain performance index systemsnow constructed are various and give the reference system from different perspectives.However, there is still no such a systemic and scientific supply chain performanceevaluation index system that could be widely accepted till now. More of them are just asimple list of some evaluation index, which ignore the measurement problems ofindicators and the performance situation of each node of the supply chain. The mainmethods to measure the supply chain performance evaluation include AHP, DEA, andbalanced score card, etc. they mostly belong to the general and universal evaluationmethods, lack of concrete solution method of supply chain performance, the combineddegree between indexes and methods are insufficient, these problems need to be solvedurgently during the process of supply chain performance evaluation. Therefore, the studyon the supply chain performance evaluation model deeply and systematically hasimportant theoretical and realistic significance. This paper intends to solve the problems ofsupply chain performance evaluation in the view of above three questions.First, this paper established the model of supply chain performance evaluation based onfive dimension balanced score card and LMBP algorithm. Aimed at the problems of indexweight process of supply chain performance evaluation and process speed of performanceresults, this paper first constructed the supply chain performance evaluation index systemcombined with five dimension balanced score card from bionics view, and established themodel and method of supply chain performance evaluation based on LMBP algorithm.Through normalization process to various kinds of data of supply chain performanceevaluation index to establish LMBP neural network model, through iterative training toidentify the weights and performance evaluation status, then further analyzed and evaluated the supply chain performance. Through repeated experiments of LMBPalgorithm to get the minimum error of entire network using Purelin function from inputlayer to hidden layer and from hidden layer to output layer. In the case study, the trainingparameters were set up through the Matlab, the training results proved that the model wasaccurate and efficient, then analyzed the main reasons of poor performance of supplychain, and put forward the improvement scheme, which could provide theoretical supportfor the subsequent improvement of supply chain performance.Second, combining with business process modeling theory, this paper put forward thetheoretical framework of Business Process Modeling for Supply Chain PerformanceEvaluation (BPM-SCPE). In order to further identify the supply chain performance ofsub-system, as well as assess the efficiency of supply chain, this paper presented thesupply chain operation status of all levels and links by flow chart through business processmodeling, first applied the theory and technology of business process modeling to thesupply chain performance evaluation, used IDEF0technique of business process modeling,aimed at cost reduce and customer satisfaction improvement of supply chain performanceevaluation, analyzed the four elements of top layer of supply chain and stages of businessprocess modeling, which were input, output, control and mechanism, constructed the toplayer and layered function model of supply chain business process, showed the wholeprocess of supply chain business process and the interrelationship between sub supplychains. On this basis, established the supply chain performance evaluation based onbusiness process modeling method, constructed the physical performance evaluation indexsystem focused on invested cost and intangible performance evaluation index systemfocused on customer satisfaction, established a comprehensive supply chain performanceevaluation model from a brand-new perspective.Last, this paper constructed the calculation method of all kinds of index ofBPM-SCPE evaluation method. Based on BPM-SCPE evaluation model, during theprocess of top layer business process design of supply chain, constructed the labor costmodel, facilities and equipment application cost model, raw materials cost model, fixedassets cost model, information system management cost model, technologicalinnovation cost model. First proposed the modeling idea focused on timedimension, made the business process operation cost of supply chain more objectiveand more accurate using the regression analysis methods. In addition, combined withthe characteristics of traditional supply chain performance evaluation indexof time, quality, reliability, flexibility, safety, constructed the calculation methods of each index, used the guiding ideology of BPM-SCPE evaluation method, evaluatedeach stage performance of entire supply chain, finally obtained the overall supplychain performance evaluation results. Through the empirical analysis of fresh beef supplychain performance evaluation by Haoyue group, further verified the advancementand feasibility in theory of this performance evaluation method. This method couldbetter monitor each stage performance situation of supply chain business process intheory, and realize the unity of comprehensive evaluation and staged evaluation of supplychain performance. At the same time, traced the roots of poor performance, and putforward the improvement scheme, which had great guiding significance for the wholesupply chain competition and the business operation of member enterprises of supplychain.Therefore, this paper finally obtained two kinds of methods to solve the problems ofsupply chain performance evaluation after analyzed the existing problems of traditionalsupply chain performance evaluation process. One was based on the improved fivedimension balanced score card of supply chain performance evaluation method, using thenew LMBP bionic algorithm, could evaluate the whole supply chain performance levelmore accurately, more quickly and more rationally, and demonstrated the advantage offorecasting supply chain performance level and improving poor supply chain performancethrough this evaluation method by case study; The other one was combined with theactual operation cost of each level and each node of supply chain model, constructed abrand-new supply chain performance evaluation model by business process modelingtechnology, focused on supply chain efficiency measurement, made the overall supplychain performance evaluation more intuitive and more visual, covered both overall andpartial supply chain performance evaluation. Through empirical research, verified the highefficiency of new performance evaluation model, discussed the causes of poor supplychain performance and improvement scheme. The exploratory research of new supplychain performance evaluation method in this paper has innovativeness and instructivefor theory improvement and practical business operation of supply chain performanceevaluation system.

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