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City party brand building - a case study of "Jiaxing daily" as an example

Author: DingZuo
Tutor: LinZhiDa
School: Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences
Course: Journalism
Keywords: city party newspaper Jiaxing Daily brand construction
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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In the structure of party newspapers in China, more than300cities partynewspaper constitutes the third echelon of party newspaper hierarchy followingcentral party newspaper and provinces (autonomous regions and municipalitiesdirectly under the central government) level party newspaper. As the party newspaperof the grass-roots level,not only is the main channel of communication between theparty and the grassroots, but also is an important forces of guiding the local publicopinion and creating a favorable social environment. With the accelerated process ofurbanization in our country, the economic strength and regional radiation ability of theprefecture-level city have been reinforcing constantly, which to strengthen the gooddevelopment prospects of the city party newspaper.However, in recent years, as asecond-tier city newspaper market has been saturated, third and fourth tier cities isincreasingly becoming a new growth point of the provincial party newspaper. Inaddition to the provincial party newspaper competition, local party newspaper alsofaced the competition from the Evening metropolitan newspapers and regionalheterogeneous media for the regional audiences. Driven by the fierce competition,city party newspaper is trying to find out the path of differentiation development.Starting from the Nanfang Daily implement brand strategy, brand consciousness is topermeate the lower party newspaper organizations and the brand awarenessincreasingly awakening, management direction of the city party newspaper began totransition from product operation to brand operation, trying to exert function ofgrassroots party newspaper and to realize their own development and growth at thesame time. And at present, domestic research on local party newspaper brandconstruction relative lag, lack of comprehensive, system related to basic research.Therefore, the study of local party newspaper brand construction situation, hasimportant theoretical significance and practical significance.“Jiaxing Daily” as a case study, this paper tries to analyze and research thepractice of the city party newspaper brand construction, this thesis is divided into sixchapters. First, through the introduction analyzes the background and the researchstatus of the selected topic of the city party newspaper brand construction, determinethe research object of this article, has been clear about the research methods, the basicideas and research framework. And then by the second chapter comb the existingresearch literature of the city party newspaper brand construction, has carried on the scientific definition to local party newspaper brand, and the city party newspaperbrand components, local party newspaper brand attributes and its function weredetailed elaboration in this paper. On this basis, around the brand components thethird chapter comprehensively described the create links of the city party newspaperbrand which including the “Jiaxing Daily” target audience of brand positioning,corporation identity system and brand communication strategy and so on.The fourthchapter focus on a series of brand operation and management activities of the “JiaxingDaily” has carried on the comprehensive discussion, which from brand maintenanceto brand extension.On the basis of the analysis from the second chapter to fourthchapter, chapter5summarized for the beneficial enlightenment of city partynewspaper brand construction from the “Jiaxing Daily” brand construction, and putsforward further thinking and recommendations on city party newspaper brandconstruction and the suggestion, with a more strong practical significance. Finally,inthe conclusion and prospect, the research results of this paper were summarized, andon the basis of analyzed the limitations and insufficient of this study,put forward anddiscussed the problem in this paper that remains to be further solved, as well as thetrain of thought for studying the related problems.

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