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The Influence Study of Ideologically Psychological Contract on Employees Behavior

Author: WangBoLin
Tutor: YuBin
School: Nankai University
Course: Business management
Keywords: psychological contract ideologically psychological contract employees behavior employees affective commitment equity sensitivity
CLC: F272.92
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2012
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Along with the human capital in the enterprise plays more and more importantrole, researchers pay increasingly attention to study the deeper level of employmentrelationship between employee and enterprise, then the concept of the psychologicalcontract comes into being. Up to now, with the development of the psychologicalcontract research, people find that the identity of value idea between employee andenterprise also plays an important role. Based on such an identity, the so calledideologically psychological contract is formed. In this context, the forefront issues ofideologically psychological contract is chosen to be discussed in this paper, in findingwhether or not the ideologically psychological contract is one of the independentdimension of psychology contract and what mechanism and situation it influences theemployee behaviors. Relying on1155valid questionnaires, the concerned hypothesesare empirically tested with the analysis methods of the factor analysis, multipleregression analysis and structural equation model, the conclusions are as follows:Firstly, the psychological contract is a multi-dimentional concept, includingtransactional psychological contract, relational psychology contract and ideologicallypsychological contract. Ideologically psychological contract is an independentdimension of psychological contract, and it represents the pursuit of the employee forvalues and beliefs. Ideologically psychological dimension expands the conceptstructure framework of psychological contract. Based on the theory of socialexchange proposed of the theory of ideology currency, which is the theory basis ofthe psychological contract, the concept dimension of the psychological contract isverificated. Through the empirical test, it is found that the ideology currency formedby the trading of idea currency do occur in the concept of ideologically psychologicalcontract.Secondly, the three different dimensions of psychologically contract affectdifferent types of employee behaviors. As for in-role behavior, the influence degree ofthree dimensions is transaction dimension, ideology dimension and relationaldimension and as for organization citizenship behavior is ideologically psychological contract, transactional contract and relational contract from large to small. This showsthat the transactional contract of economic factor influences in-role behavior muchthan the other two, and the idology factor and relational factor of ideologicallypsychological contract mainly influence extra work of organization citizationshipbehavior. This means that the economic factors of the psychological contract candecide the in-role behaviors of employees, and active attitude on working andbehavior must be encouraged by the construction of the ideologically psychologicalcontract.Thirdly, ideologically psychological contract does not influence employeebehaviors directly, but indirectly through the intermediary process of emotionalcommitment. It is a precondition that staff share the same values and beliefs withenterprise for enterprise to recruit employees. After entering into the company,employees will produce the emotional commitment to the organization when theyestablish ideologically psychological contract because of ideological identification,and then they will show more organization citizenship behaviors and in-rolebehaviors.Lastly, employee equity sensitivity plays a moderate role in the effects ofideologically psychological contract on employee behaviors. Employees withideologically psychological contract will show organization citizenship behaviors andin-role behaviors, but the staff with different equity sensitivity shows differentdegrees of behaviors, the selfishness staff will show more organization citizenshipbehaviors and in-role behaviors than that of selfless type with the same form ofideologically psychological contract of employees.The contribution of this study can be summarized as follows: firstly, bringingthe ideologically psychological contract into the frame structure of psychologycontract, the paper makes up for the existing research just focusing on tradingdimension and relational dimension and ignoring the essential role of ideologydimension that plays an important role in employee psychology, and helps to extendthe frame of psychology contract. Secondly, the different levels of influence of threedimensions of psychology contract on employee behaviors has been analysed in depthin this paper, and it finds that the influence of ideologically psychological contract on employee organization citizenship behaviors is stronger than that of transactionalpsychology contract and relational psychology contract. Thirdly, in the study theinfluence mechanism of ideologically psychological contract on employee behaviorsis revealed, helping to clarify complex relational between them. Fourthly, the contextfactor of ideologically psychological contract influencing employee behaviors isrevealed in the paper, which helps to understand that different employees with the theideologically psychological contract have positive behaviors at different levels.The structure of the study is showed as follows: The first chapter mainlyintroduces the research background, the research questions, the research significance,the research methods, etc. and introduces the research framework system in general.Chapter two is the part of literature review and shows the theoretical context, thechosen basis of theoretical foundation and the relevant knowledge of the study.Chapter three is research theory model constructed by the theoretical model andresearch hypotheses from the perspective of the process, and then expounds thedesign thinking and research hypotheses. Chapter four is the research design and dataanalysis methods, which focus on the selection of samples, data collection process,the measurement tool selection of variables and the main statistical methods andprinciples. Ideologically psychology contract questionnaire is exploited in Chapterfive, which lay the foundation for next research. Chapter six is the empirical analysisof the relational of ideologically psychology contract and employee behaviors,including sample descriptive statistics, correlation analysis, regression analysis andstructural equation model, testing of theory hypotheses, conclusion and correspondingexplanation. Chapter seven is research the conclusion and prospect, gives the mainresearch conclusion, the main innovation points, and also points out the deficiencyand the future research around the dissertation issues.

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